Susastho24: An online health solution

Health is the most emergent issue all over the world. Most of the country of the facing health problems. Similarly, Bangladesh is a country with a vast population faces the double burden of diseases. Health is the basic requirement to improve the quality of life. But a large number of the Bangladeshis have little access to healthcare facilities.

To ensure the healthcare and aware the people about health issue some young doctors took the initiative and launched an online magazine Susastho24 which is entire Bangla magazine. It is an exceptional endeavor to make Bangla-speaking readers aware of health-related information, expert opinion and healthy living tips.


Three friends Fahim, Shaik, and Rafid dreamed to do something to help the people take the initiative to provide medical service to humans. Fahim founder of Susastho24 is a doctor who is working as a research fellow in ICDDR’B and the co-founder Shaik and Rafid both graduated from IBA, University of Dhaka. They believe that one day Bangladesh will be

Susastho24 is an online platform where anyone can get all kind of health tips and they will be able to learn about the disease. Most leading doctors of the country give their advice and opinion. There is also a site named research update where anyone can find out the latest research on medical technology. In a few months, it achieved 50k followers and viewers. It’s a great achievement for Susastho24.

It is a fantastic initiative and this initiative are urgently needed in our country.


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Farhana Eirin
undergraduate student,
Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)
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