Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: America First or America Alone?

The newly elected president Donald J Trump is a widely discussed name in current international politics. He has been criticized for a series of controversial decisions. He is ignoring the rules of politics and diplomacy since entering the White House. Though his supporters said he is a revolutionist, other people is worried about his dictatorship…Read More

What will be the US policy towards Asia under Trump’s Presidency?

Since the end of the World War II the cornerstone of United State’s foreign policy has always been the desire to construct and safeguard a liberal world order that every country is required to agglutinate to widespread U.S interventions into global issues have strengthened the foundation for such a rule-based political order.  And the presence…Read More

Why Bangladesh is important in geopolitical context ?

Since the power politics emerged in global politics, geographical strategy became the vital point. Thus, the term “Geopolitics” has become a buzzword in world politics. There are certain elements in geopolitics variable or non-variable. On both sides, Bangladesh is important in the context of geopolitics. One needs to understand those relevant geopolitical contexts to play…Read More

Why Hilary is favorite to me !

Sharif Mustajib Student, International Relations University of Chittagong. The most polarized election of the world on the stage!  You must be able guess apparently that I’m talking about US presidential election where a lady is an actor. Yes! I’m talking about Hillary Clinton, have already wined in primary veteran candidate Bernie Sanders. It would be…Read More

Election, Religion & Sports Are Tool to Manipulate People: Analysis of World’s Largest Democratic Country India’s Current Situation

Abstract The democratic system gives the fair right to their people. But there are some things that lay behind in the democratic system that can easily manipulate his people. And the most interesting thing is that people are also manipulated by their own will. Recently, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in India has…Read More

How Propaganda and Disinformation Influence Altogether: The Ukrainian Social Landscape

ABSTRACT  Every day, through media, public opinion, interests, and motivations of people, consciences are influenced, misguided or diverted, even beyond the boundaries of their own wills and senses. This paper analyses the implications of propaganda and disinformation in the context of undermining, in general, the exercise of human rights, mainly through the use of online…Read More

The Decade in Protest: Exploring Unconventional People Power

These last few years have certainly challenged long-standing concepts of what it means to protest and why people do it. Russian “hacktivists” instigate racial protests in the US from around the world.[1] Children in Germany march against their parents’ smartphone use.[2] Neo-Nazis take to the streets to argue that human rights for all are a…Read More

BREXIT: Will the Liberal International Order of Europe Collapse?

Since the demise of the Cold War, liberal world order was expected to reign in the world order system. Liberal states had gained superiority over communism and most prevailing theory of back then, realism has got itself engaged in too much violence and security threat. As a result, it was expected that Liberalist principles will…Read More