Foreign Aid: A Curse or a Blessing for Sub Saharan Africa?

ABSTRACT According to the reports of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD), Sub Saharan African countries top the list of foreign aid recipient. Every year trillions of capital flow to these countries from the developed donor states and international organizations. As surprising as it sounds, these aid often failed to serve its purpose….Read More

Transboundary Pollution from China and Its Impact on South Korea: A Road to Health and Environmental Degradation

Abstract: South Korea is confronted with occasional natural debacles as pollution blowing from China. During winter, the source is generally unreasonable burning of coal utilized in China for heating purposes. In the spring, yellow residue from the deserts of northern China and Mongolia are blown across Northeast Asia, carrying soot and cancer-causing agents from China-based…Read More

Maritime Rivalry of the Two Rising Superpowers: India and China’s Quest to Dominate the Indian Ocean

Abstract: The Sino-Indian rivalry includes an inexorably noticeable naval dimension amid the nations’ maritime developments and deployments in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The geographical positioning of China and India has made them fall under the rivalry even if they do not share a naval boundary. The Indian Ocean is the route to global trade…Read More

Media Manipulation: The 9/11 attack and Its Impact on Muslims

Abstract ‘Muslim’- the word itself sounds like a terror to the western world and often considered as a synonym for a terrorist. This has been going on for a long but after the 9/11 attack, this fear took a drastic turn. The media has been focusing on this particular event since then and has created…Read More