Youth Initiative

International Affairs is motivated by empowering youths for a peaceful world. Thus we publish the story of youths which brings positive changes in society. It could be an innovation, an idea, social work, an environmental movement, etc. If you have any initiative or you know any such initiative in your society, your community, please let the world be informed via Voice of International Affairs.


What you have to do:

You have to write down the story including the following aspects:

  •  How did the initiative start to bring change or what drives it to bring change
  •  What particular change the initiative brought to society
  •  What is the future plan for the initiative


Further instructions:

  • It will be live if you include a video report/ live interview of the team of the initiative.
  • You should attach photos, website/ social media links, previous reports about it.
  • Please focus on activities rather than the persons.
  • Send it to [email protected], put the subject line Youth Initiative Story