Statelessness From the View of Hannah Arendt to Present International Law

Abstract UNHCR estimates that there are approximately over 12 million stateless persons in the world. Due to gaps in data collection by governments, the UN, and civil society, a full breakdown of this figure is beyond reach. The stateless are, in effect, the rightless because the loss of citizenship in the nation-state dynamic also means…Read More

Economic Migration and Human Rights in Bangladesh

Abstract International migration has an effective contribution to economic development in Bangladesh. But sometimes they have faced inhuman behavior, which is against labor law. Bangladesh government has few institutions, who are dealing with the migration process including labor rights. There is some theoretical explanation as to why so many people going out. In this article,…Read More

Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The Policy Outlook

Abstract Migration and refugee crisis have become a global concern with the world’s increasing number of people on the move. The recent movements of Rohingya from Myanmar to Bangladesh took place due to the persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar. The Rohingyas are stateless and helpless people. The Government of Bangladesh has given them shelter inside…Read More

Who are the Rohingyas?

Abstract:  this article trace down the origin of Rohingyas and also the history of Arakan state, how the Rohingyas evolve in Arakan, the advent of Islam in Arakan when the influx of Rohingyas started at Bengal.  The first settlers of the Chittagong region were the Rohingyas or the people of Arakan.  And the history of…Read More

Impact of Rohingya Crisis on Rohingya Refugee Women and the Future

Abstract: A mass exodus of over 6 million people from Myanmar (to Bangladesh) began from mid- August 2017, following a brutal military campaign against them. The mass people experienced unimaginable atrocities including women who had been subjected to systematic rape, torture and seeing family members killed.  While safe from violence, they were subjected to in…Read More

The Core Debate on Rohingya Issue in International Relations

Introduction The paper first gives a brief background on the Rohingya issue in Myanmar. The paper highlights how the Rohingya crisis is important in contemporary international relations and it explains what the dominant narratives in the understanding of the event are. So here the Myanmar and Bangladesh became the two important countries to understand the…Read More

EU migration policy and Visegard 4 countries

On the 11th of April 2017, Professor Michela Ceccorulli of the University of Bologna delivered an important speech on the issue of migration, European Union Asylum and migration policies and the Visegrad states reaction. The heavy burden of the refugee crisis carries two South East European countries Italy and Greece, which attract high flows of…Read More

Critical Analysis over Chinese Policy towards Migrant & Refugee

World largest economic entities have long been denounced for their deficiency in hosting refugees. With over 65 millions refugee displacement and resettlement across borders in the post-millennium, less than 5% of refugees are hosted by the five largest economic entities, namely US, China, Japan, UK and Germany. Asian affluent countries are especially reluctant to open…Read More