Unpacking Human Rights Violations in India during COVID-19

Introduction There remains little doubt that India has eclipsed, surpassed, and become a shining example of a decaying democracy. In India, healthcare, in the 21st Century, is next to be absent. While one might hold healthcare as a fundamental right, the Indian healthcare system is significantly collapsed. The government has failed. Upon re-visit, “failed” would…Read More

Impact of COVID-19 on Ready-made Garments Workers in Bangladesh

Abstract COVID-19 is an overwhelming crisis that has touched almost every sector. As the Ready-made Garments (RMG) sector is closely integrated with the global supply chain, it is important to understand the implications of COVID-19 on RMG workers as they are the most vulnerable in this situation. This article aims to explore the socio-economic impacts…Read More

The Nature and Scope of Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009: Critical Assessment

Abstract Consumer is the real king of the market. Though Bangladesh is a small country it contains a large number of consumers. But it’s the great matter of sorrow that every day and in every sector consumer right is violated. We have the law but there is no strong enforcement from the government agencies. The…Read More

Never Ending and Ever-expanding Discrimination against the Trans Community: Active Decolonization is the Way Forward

Abstract “Gender must be decolonized and Decolonization must be gendered.” Kiera L. Ladner[1](2008) Over the course of this write-up, I call attention to the crucial need for active decolonization in Bangladesh. Because it is the best way forward for rightfully and safely advancing transgender rights in the country. I did so by analyzing the socioeconomic…Read More

Who are the Rohingyas?

Abstract:  this article trace down the origin of Rohingyas and also the history of Arakan state, how the Rohingyas evolve in Arakan, the advent of Islam in Arakan when the influx of Rohingyas started at Bengal.  The first settlers of the Chittagong region were the Rohingyas or the people of Arakan.  And the history of…Read More

Poverty, Child Marriages and Development in Rural Zimbabwe

Poverty and child marriages in rural communities have effects on each other…but how can we best address these complementing problems that are hindering development in rural communities. In my own opinion, I believe that it is poverty that is driving the numbers of child marriages higher in African rural societies. Blessing Vava also commented in…Read More

Religious and Cultural Intolerance against minority: Muslim in Europe

Religious and Cultural Intolerance against minority groups is very prevalent everywhere in the world to a various extent. Europe would be one among many. As it wants to promote unitary or homogeneity and they try to oppose the differences in any terms cultural, religious, and linguistic or any other differences. As result of such unilateralism…Read More

Rohingya Crisis in the Lens of Human Rights

Rohingya, in other words, who are known as Asia’s Boat people is a Muslim minority population living mainly in the state of Arakan in Myanmar. The crisis regarding Rohingya minority group in Myanmar started after 1970’s onwards and recently it becomes the top discussed the topic in the International arena because of the military launched…Read More