Africa and The UN: How to Reform the United Nations Security Council in a Post-Pandemic World.

                                              Abstract  It finally took the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the world to realize that the United Nations Security Council is a lame-duck institution. This article focuses on the need to reform…Read More

China’s Debt Trap Policy

China’s Debt Trap Policy: Coincidence or intentional?

Abstract China’s initiative, known as the Belt and Road Initiative, started in 2013 and aims to connect Asian, European, and African countries. The main issue faced by these states is their lack of proper infrastructure. China has been helping out many of these states by providing them with loans that seem lucrative, but when these…Read More

International Relations After the Cold War

International Relations After the Cold War: Violent Democracies, Hegemonism, and Deprivation

Abstract The paper analyzes the post-cold war contemporary geopolitics from the political, economic, and security framework, presenting the concepts and reflections on the international relations focusing on war and peace modalities within a discourse of democracy, hegemonism, global deprivation, and inequalities. It emphasizes the point of view that strengthens the global onslaught humankind despondency paradigm of…Read More

Fall of the Oyo Empire

Fall of the Oyo Empire: Causes, Consequences and Lessons for Modern Day Nigeria

ABSTRACT In his essay  ‘Fate of Empires” soldier, diplomat, and traveler LT-General Sir John Glove analyze the life cycle of empires; he found remarkable similarities between them all. From the early founding fathers who worked to develop the state to the final corrupt over-ambitious leaders who become a burden on the state. It must be…Read More

Peacekeeping Operations As Implied Power Of The United Nations: A Critical Assessment

Peacekeeping Operations As Implied Power Of The United Nations: A Critical Assessment

Abstract: The International Organization should not be limited by those powers granted to it upon its creation, i.e. attributed powers instead be allowed to exercise certain powers that are not granted expressly but are granted by implications, i.e. implied powers. The United Nations, as an international organization, was established in 1945 to save people from…Read More

BREXIT: Will the Liberal International order of Europe collapse?

BREXIT: Will the Liberal International Order of Europe Collapse?

Since the demise of the Cold War, liberal world order was expected to reign in the world order system. Liberal states had gained superiority over communism and most prevailing theory of back then, realism has got itself engaged in too much violence and security threat. As a result, it was expected that Liberalist principles will…Read More

Energy Trilemm: a critical analysis

Energy Trilemma: A Critical Analysis

For a moment, imagine yourself without electricity: you can’t cook, you don’t have Internet, you can’t do the all-nighter you need to study for your exams, nor bathe in hot water or wash the clothes in the machine… Our life has changed since mass access to energy (electricity, oil,…) and we are no longer able…Read More

Poverty, Child Marriages and Development in Rural Zimbabwe

Poverty, Child Marriages and Development in Rural Zimbabwe

Poverty and child marriages in rural communities have effects on each other…but how can we best address these complementing problems that are hindering development in rural communities. In my own opinion, I believe that it is poverty that is driving the numbers of child marriages higher in African rural societies. Blessing Vava also commented in…Read More

The Scourage of the Death Penalty

The Scourage of the Death Penalty

The death penalty, commonly known as capital punishment, is the legal imposition of the sentence of killing one by any method accepted after being convicted by a court of law. Its historical background can be traced back to the biblical period when this punishment was used on criminal, political, and religious dissidents.[1] King Hammurabi of…Read More

Does competition make a worth or dearth

Does competition make a worth or dearth?

To rear, a child is a development of his proximal domains (physical and mental capacity) to revere decision-making abilities and provide an onset understanding of his environment and self. Just like a market competition, one lone stronghold or business enterprise would never develop without outside intervention nor tangential competition. With this scenario, the economic policies…Read More