The concept of digital currency in Nigeria: Legality and the Way Forward

The Concept of Digital Currency in Nigeria: Legality and the Way Forward

ABSTRACT Technology has in no little way affected the activities of man in modern times. In its pervasive nature, it has cut across all aspects of human life, even altering well-known means, by introducing new means to assuage the rigors of our daily transactions. One of the major breakthroughs of modern technological advancement is its…Read More

Slavery and the Forced Labour

Slavery and the Forced Labor

Abstract: Forced work can be perceived as work that is performed involuntarily and under the risk of any punishment. It alludes to circumstances in which people are forced to work using strength or menacing, or by more indistinct methods, for example, exploited insolvency, maintenance of identity papers or dangers of reprobation to migration administration. Forced work is the…Read More

Biomedical waste amid COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Biomedical Waste amid COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Abstract Biomedical waste has become an emerging problem in Bangladesh amid COVID-19. A huge amount of wastes are produced in a hospital setting and also from households which is hazardous in most cases. PRISM is an organization that regulates the biomedical waste disposal from hospitals by incineration and color-coded separation techniques and separate disposal of…Read More

The Delusion of Women Empowerment in the Ready-made Garments Industry of Bangladesh

Abstract The Readymade Garments industry is one of the booming industries of Bangladesh in current times. The products produced are of export quality and count up to lion share of the GDP of the country. This has led to an increased rate of economic growth over the years. Foreign clothing brands and companies of the…Read More

Humanity at the time of pandemic

Humanity in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract: In late December 2019, Chinese health specialists detailed a flare-up of pneumonia of obscure source in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A pair of days after the very fact, the genome of a novel COVID was delivered (COVID Genome Data) and made openly accessible to established researchers. This novel Coronavirus was temporarily named 2019-nCoV, presently SARS-CoV-2…Read More

Achieving SDG Goal 3

Achieving SDG Goal 3: Lesson Learned and Way Forward

Abstract Sustainable development goals (SDG), initiated in 2015, targets17 challenges through which a country can measure its progress. This agenda has set quantitative and time-bound targets within 2030 irrespective of a country’s capability and starting baseline. Among these, there is one goal concerned with health for all which is sustainable development goal number 3. SDG…Read More

Importance of Global Health Diplomacy in COVID-19 Situation

Abstract In the current status quo, the importance of global health diplomacy is paramount. It means dual goals of improving health while strengthening relations among nations. In such a worldwide crisis during the pandemic of COVID-19, enhancement of international co-operation will result in faster and more efficient utilization of our available resources. By taking into…Read More

Remodeling the Businesses for a Post-Pandemic World

Abstract: In this globally pandemic situation, there is barely anyone who is unaware of COVID-19. Everyone is maintaining strict regulations following proper hygiene, social distancing, and home quarantine. Industrialization is largely hindered by which most developed countries are mostly dependent including some developing and under-developed countries too. This eventually leads to unemployed lazy lives. People…Read More

Contribution of Bangladeshi Women to the Liberation War

Contribution of Bangladeshi Women to the Liberation War

Abstract In the liberation war of Bangladesh, people of all ages participated impulsively. Apart from men, women also came forward to fight against the Pakistani junta and played a significant role in the war. But in the pages of history, we rarely see the heroic presence of women. They are mainly presented as victims of…Read More