Achieving SDG Goal 3

Achieving SDG Goal 3: Lesson Learned and Way Forward

Abstract Sustainable development goals (SDG), initiated in 2015, targets17 challenges through which a country can measure its progress. This agenda has set quantitative and time-bound targets within 2030 irrespective of a country’s capability and starting baseline. Among these, there is one goal concerned with health for all which is sustainable development goal number 3. SDG…Read More

Nadia's dream to eradicate myths of women health

Nadia’s dream to eradicate myths of women health

Nadia Sarwar, an epitome of courage and hard work. She never spares even a minute chance to be better at life every day and always makes lemonade when life throws lemons at her. Word ‘’impossible’’ doesn’t exist in her vocabulary. Nadia’s life took the major turn when she was just a 6th grader and her…Read More

the impact of technology on healthcare.

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

In general, promptly altering medical technology as well as ease of use of the high-tech diagnostic as well as therapeutic tool altogether along with modifying practice pattern of the doctors has modernized the path health care is distributing nowadays. Without any uncertainty, medical technology is crucial for folk’s health and also a superior quality of…Read More