An Evaluation To Globalized Warfare

An Evaluation To Globalized Warfare

ABSTRACT Technology and globalization are often described as complementary aspects to each other. The way we enjoy the prospects delivered by the distinguished complex process which deeply shapes our everyday life, in a sense— from lifestyle to norms, is more or less connected to technocracy. In the field of security studies, it’s well established that…Read More

Impact of Big Data Fighting against COVID-19

Impact of Big Data Fighting against COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Abstract: Big data is the greatest tool in this digital era. In the Global epidemic COVID-19, big data has advanced to a place where it can provide emergency response teams with real-time tools and technology that have the potential to monitor, contain and even stop the spread of disease. In this article, we demonstrate the…Read More

Hive Mind: discovering natural intelligence

Hive Mind: discovering natural intelligence!

According to the concept of sociology and philosophy hive mind are the collective consciousness and collective intelligence. It is most familiar term in science fiction. Through hive mind, everyone would be connected to everyone else telepathically and we could share our thoughts, memories even dreams. Though a global hive mind would be susceptible to things…Read More

the impact of technology on healthcare.

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

In general, promptly altering medical technology as well as ease of use of the high-tech diagnostic as well as therapeutic tool altogether along with modifying practice pattern of the doctors has modernized the path health care is distributing nowadays. Without any uncertainty, medical technology is crucial for folk’s health and also a superior quality of…Read More

SOPHIA, the robot in Bangladesh

Sophia, the Robot Sensation

For the last few months the word “Sophia” bandied about in news headlines both in national and international headline media. Sophia is an artificial intelligence robot with doe-brown eyes and long fluttery eyelashes behave just like the human. In the history of Robotics such innovation is a great achievement. Hence, this robot becomes a media celebrity….Read More