17thInternational Children's Peace Prize Winner

Bangladeshi Pride Sadat Rahman: 17th International Children’s Peace Prize Winner

Sadat is a 17 years old youngster, groundbreaker, and social pioneer from Bangladesh who is having a major effect. Recently he has won the 2020 International Children’s peace prize for his contribution in setting up his social association and mobile application ‘Cyber Teens’ to quit cyberbullying, organized by KidsRights.The award is presented every year to…Read More

Slavery and the Forced Labour

Slavery and the Forced Labor

Abstract: Forced work can be perceived as work that is performed involuntarily and under the risk of any punishment. It alludes to circumstances in which people are forced to work using strength or menacing, or by more indistinct methods, for example, exploited insolvency, maintenance of identity papers or dangers of reprobation to migration administration. Forced work is the…Read More

Humanity at the time of pandemic

Humanity in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract: In late December 2019, Chinese health specialists detailed a flare-up of pneumonia of obscure source in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A pair of days after the very fact, the genome of a novel COVID was delivered (COVID Genome Data) and made openly accessible to established researchers. This novel Coronavirus was temporarily named 2019-nCoV, presently SARS-CoV-2…Read More