Humanity in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic


In late December 2019, Chinese health specialists detailed a flare-up of pneumonia of obscure source in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A pair of days after the very fact, the genome of a novel COVID was delivered (COVID Genome Data) and made openly accessible to established researchers. This novel Coronavirus was temporarily named 2019-nCoV, presently SARS-CoV-2 as indicated by the Coronavirus Study Group of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. SARS-CoV-2 has a place with the Coronaviridae family, Betacoronavirus genus, subgenus Sarbecovirus. Since its revelation, the infection has spread all around the world, causing a large number of passings and enormously affecting our fitness frameworks and economies. COVID pandemic has flipped around the world. It is causing far and wide concern, dread, and has deeply affected the manner in which we see our reality Рin short, it has caught each range of our lives. Yet, history as archived or experienced discloses to us that, emergency circumstance like this draws out the best and the most exceedingly terrible actions of individuals. This article stresses on various features of mankind in this season of difficulties and what ought to be the vision subsequent to overcoming it.



‚ÄúA crisis is an opportunity riding a dangerous wind.‚ÄĚ

-Chinese proverb

The COVID-19 pandemic is the characterizing worldwide wellbeing emergency within recent memory and also the biggest test we have got looked at since World War Two. Since its development in Asia before the end of last year, the infection has spread to every continent except Antarctica. Cases are rapidly occurring every day in Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Nations are hustling to slow the spread of the infection by testing and treating patients, doing contact following, restricting travel, isolating residents, and dropping enormous social occasions, for example, games, shows, and schools. The pandemic is moving like an und, one that may yet crash on those least prepared to adapt.

However, COVID-19 is substantially more than a wellbeing emergency. By focusing on all of the nations it contacts, it can possibly make wreckful social, monetary, and political emergencies that will leave profound scars. We are in an unfamiliar position. Huge numbers of our networks are unrecognizable from even seven days back. Many of the world’s most noteworthy urban areas are abandoned as individuals stay inside, either by decision or by government request. Globally, airlines, shops, theaters, cafes, hotels, and bars are shutting off.

Accordantly, individuals are dropping off positions and income, with no chance to get off knowing when regular days will return. Little island countries, vigorously subject to the travel industry, have void lodgings and abandoned seashores. The International Labor Organization gauges that 25 million jobs may well be lost.


Country Response:

Before COVID 19 pandemic, Bangladesh has made strong steps in insolvency depletion throughout the most recent couple of decades, cutting destitution frequency from 50.4% in 1990 to 20.5% in 2019. Be that as it may, effects of COVID 19 joined with tough regulation measures, have truly affected the nation’s long-standing macroeconomic solidness, disturbed individuals’ work, and brought destitution to 40.9% up in 2020. With around 20 million ‘new poor’ there could around 90 million individuals, who are under extreme poverty risk because of the pandemic.

The pandemic has overemphasized the nation’s delicate health framework, instruction, human turn of events, fundamental public administrations conveyance, and social upliftment. In the event that the pandemic emergency becomes extended, it might transform into a dug-in human emergency, crashing the region’s advancement change including LDC graduation and SDGs.

Relieving the pandemic is difficult in Bangladesh in light of numerous weak transmission channels, including Bangladesh is the second most heavily populated nation with around 60 million metropolitan localities. Its thin financial space is additionally dissolved by fundamental pilferages. The nation is excessively reliant on the casual part (87% of absolute work). It is essential that the administration, private segment, and advancement accomplices in Bangladesh all progression up to and cooperates to lighten the pandemic effects.


Corona Virus is Not the Same for Everyone: Global Outlook

Essential workers are individuals who are occupied at administrations that are fundamental for the general public, typically associated with medical services and government assistance, for example, clinical administrations, grocery stores, and public vehicles. They are at huge COVID-19 danger, which can influence each part of their lives.

Basic laborers want to keep up the regard they earned during the pandemic ‚Äď some may see it reflected in higher wages and extra danger pay. However, the search interest on their job has been collapsing since May.


Humanity at the time of pandemic
Demographic makeup essential and non-essential workers Source: KFF Health Tracking Poll

Non-essential workers are generally office workers, STEM workers, and administration workers, who could keep up their work routine by telecommuting. The additional extra time caused the development of home activities and an expansion in the enthusiasm for cooking and fixings.

The interruption brought about by the lockdown gave numerous individuals time to ponder life needs. As the lockdown facilitates, most regular workers will gradually return to typical, however with more far off working choices and adaptable hours.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the truth of working life for a large portion of the U.S. workforce. Regardless of whether they wind up laid off, telecommuting, or proceeding to go to a work environment while taking measures to shield themselves and their families from contamination, essentially all laborers have felt some type of disturbance in their positions.

Humanity at the time of pandemic
Health implications of the situation Source: KFF Health Tracking Poll


Regardless of being bound to report financial challenges and knowing somebody who has passed on from the infection, fundamental workers are not any more likely than non-essential laborers to report any unfavorable impacts on their emotional well-being and prosperity because of the pandemic. About a portion of basic laborers (49%) and a factually comparative portion of non-essential workers (58%) state that the COVID flare-up has made their involvement with at least one negative impact, including inconvenient sleeping, hunger issues, expanded liquor or medication use, or declining ongoing medical conditions.

Numerous families needed to shuffle with childcare, training, and occupations during the lockdown, which changed the manner in which guardians invest energy with their kids and furthermore prompted an expansion in the purchase of important supplies. As we subside into the “new normal”, guardians should discover better approaches to adapt to their home turning into an improvised school and office at the same time.

Secondary school students and those examining higher education, regularly between the late youngsters and mid-twenties, needed to change to distance learning during COVID-19. Enthusiasm for virtual meetups and home bases spiked and the pattern proceeds. Schools and universities in affected markets rushed to move to online classes. Battling to stay aware of their homework, numerous understudies rushed to the web to discover help from online mentors. Further ahead, students will probably need to concentrate distantly or go to online courses as a major aspect of the “new normal”.

Humanity at the pandemic

Older residents or those with previous health conditions are at higher danger on the off chance that they contract COVID-19. Their powerlessness to connect vis-à-vis with others raises concerns with respect to loneliness and depression. Additionally stressing is the reduction of non-COVID-19 related clinical arrangements.

Source Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre, ‚ÄėICNARC report on Covid-19 in critical care 5th June 2020‚Äô accessed¬†here¬†on 9 June 2020.

The Intensive Care National Audit and Research Center gather data on individuals in clinics across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who are genuinely sick with COVID. About a portion of the individuals in the examination are matured 60 and over, recommending that more senior individuals are at higher danger of enduring with COVID as this age bunch makes up just about a fourth of the populace. The examination additionally permits us to see how the danger of passing on for individuals who get basic consideration for COVID is identified with their age. Generally, around 2 of each 5 patients who get basic consideration for COVID kick the bucket. In any case, this isn’t similar for individuals of all ages, with chances, once more, being higher for more older individuals.


Mental Health and Wellness

Specialists anticipate that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring about huge outcomes to our psychological well-being and prosperity. You, a companion, associate, or relative may have as of now experienced COVID-19 and survived the impacts of genuine sickness and passing. We empathize with the
misfortune confronting these people.

Scientists have discovered that downturn and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are among the most elevated detailed results from past epidemics. We have seen this happen during the SARS plague, during which 35% of people who endure diseases experienced moderate to extreme depression. (3)A late Angus Reid review found that half of Canadians have felt their emotional wellbeing deteriorate during the COVID-19 pandemic. (4)Many Canadians are encountering money related difficulty, maybe with misfortune or decrease in pay, and weights in their families, for example, dealing with youngsters or an older parent. These all include loads, particularly on the off chance that you are as of now fighting an incessant infection. Most gastroenterologists have needed to delay gastrointestinal and liver indicative tests and medical procedures inconclusively while clinics keep space clear for potential COVID-19 patients, which can add vulnerability to your continuum of care. Every one of these things can play intensely on your emotional wellbeing.

In light of an ongoing overview in China, over half of the populace had moderate to serious mental disturbance during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many encountering PTSD and discouragement because of self-confinement and isolation. People announced expanded degrees of gorging associated with higher feelings of anxiety. Weight gain from binge eating can contrarily impact patients recuperating from bariatric medical procedures and the individuals who as of late shed pounds from therapy. The continuous danger won’t decrease until the improvement of a vaccine so these people can get vaccinated. Their lives will keep on being fundamentally influenced until this point.


Life is Changing yet a Similar Basic Imbalance Wins – Arrangements Require a Gendered Focal Point

Guaranteeing legitimate fairness and ensuring girls’ and women’s privileges in “typical” conditions is basic, yet during crisis circumstances, there is an additional urgency.¬†¬†COVID-19 doesn’t regard limits nor divisions but it is more clear than at any other time that those hindered in “ordinary” life battle considerably more in the midst of crisis.¬†We know girls and women will encounter this emergency in an unexpected way. Basic inequality¬†exacerbates effectively desperate situations.¬†Women will bear a huge weight during this emergency as medical attendants, subordinate specialists, care laborers, clerks, and cleaners. Not exclusively will they be on the forefront, taking a chance with their wellbeing and the soundness of their families, however, they will likewise be the ones who battle monetarily because of low compensation and shaky business.

Humanity at the pandemic


What’s more, brutality against women may increase.¬†Those defenseless against or who experience the ill effects of close accomplice brutality will end up in more serious danger as they are trapped with their victimizer, segregated from help and support.¬† Additionally, women will be a more serious danger of misuse, sexual viciousness in the home, and disregard. We are probably going to see an expansion in child marriage to “ensure” little youngsters from deteriorating monetary and security circumstances and in certain spots, a significantly higher occurrence in female genital mutilation.

Predators will exploit the changing circumstance of calm roads or young people on the internet, expanding the danger for key laborers on their way home and prepping adolescents on the web while alone in their rooms as their guardians work from home. As in the Ebola emergency, we are probably going to see the sexual abuse of young girls with possible results of pregnancies and STIs.¬† Within long stretches of individuals telecommuting because of COVID-19, we saw the rise of the ‘zoom bombing’¬†of shared work stages (where brutal erotic entertainment is diverted into virtual gathering rooms by programmers).


The scenario of Mankind and the Path Ahead

These days have not just valued the need for progress in science and innovation however there is likewise a need of progress in mankind and we need to acknowledge that the law of nature is foremost. The public observation towards police faculty and specialists has improved definitely, they are working energetically just to spare our reality regardless of knowing the results. Some NGOs and associations are making an honest effort to take care of lost creatures, helping financially discouraged individuals in keeping up their vocation. We should be thankful to each person who is working in these difficult stretches be it a vegetable seller or an apportion retailer or the clinical staff individuals, they are offering types of assistance so that we can remain safe. But when we take a look at the other side it shakes the abstraction of mankind, empathy, and brotherhood. Some individuals are not getting themselves treated so they can spread the virus among the doctors while a few staff members are exploiting the situation, attacking ladies patients and in this wake of “cool capitalism” the circumstance of migrant workers are deteriorating step by step which unmistakably shows the economic partition in our nation, the examples of xenophobia, prejudice, discrimination, collective scorn has seen a heightening. Are altogether these, the indications of a developed society, what sort of socialization is this? However, as it is said that scorn the malicious not the scoundrel and to dispose of these shades of malice there is a need to understand society from various focal points and afterward connecting with the mutual arrangements.

With the glimmers of expectation, inspiration and with the endeavors of our Coronavirus warriors¬†one day we will vanquish Coronavirus but post COVID-19¬†we have to guarantee that this world is of individuals, divisions ought to have no spot in this world, humanity must spread to each nation, each city, each road. The framework, solid economy, efficient political framework can’t give security and equity to all. Everything has an explanation connected to it, might be its nature that took a run at making amicability and equalization in this world. Now post COVID‚Äď 19, it will all rely upon our discerning reasoning, understanding, the manner in which we change and collaborate with the world. To destroy our inward infections is essential for a superior world. There must be a conviction that one day our hands will get bolted, hearts will be joined together, and before accepting on anything we should re-establish our full confidence in humankind. In this manner, people can be secured however humankind can never at any point be.



Sadly, there are no complete answers on how much longer we will all need to rehearse physical isolation. The improvement of an antibody requires a large scale of manufacturing and wide appropriation, adding to our timetable. Also, the pandemic is showing us numerous exercises about the delicacy of different parts of our social emotionally supportive networks and the need for a solid medical services framework, particularly uphold for our seniors. Then again, we are seeing the quick change of our medical care framework in receiving innovation and virtual projects. Networks have met up during these troublesome occasions to help each other. Numerous organizations, associations, and people have ventured up to give clinical supplies, assuage clients of the month to month charges, and give food and safe house to those out of luck. In spite of our conditions, we have indicated an amazing measure of solidarity and care for each other.



Samia Ehsan

Dept. of Anthropology 

University of Dhaka




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