17thInternational Children's Peace Prize Winner

Bangladeshi Pride Sadat Rahman: 17th International Children’s Peace Prize Winner

Sadat is a 17 years old youngster, groundbreaker, and social pioneer from Bangladesh who is having a major effect. Recently he has won the 2020 International Children’s peace prize for his contribution in setting up his social association and mobile application ‘Cyber Teens’ to quit cyberbullying, organized by KidsRights.The award is presented every year to…Read More

Germany’s Election and Angela Merkel’s Struggle for Political Survival

Germany’s Election and Angela Merkel’s Struggle for Political Survival

Since the election, on 24 September Angela Merkel from Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has been unable to form a government in Germany. After 12 years in power, her position has been weakened as other parties are reluctant to form a coalition with CDU. The election of Donald Trump in the United States is seen as…Read More

Transformation of Hegemony through Media

The Production, Reproduction and Transformation of Hegemony through Media: The Case of Egypt

Introduction The resignation of Mubarak in February 2011 didn’t end the rule of the power centers- which includes the military- that have been in power since the overthrow of the Egyptian monarch in 1952. After his resignation, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) wielded power for almost one year and a half directing the…Read More

Donald Trump wins in Electoral College Vote

Donald Trump wins in Electoral College Vote

Donald Trum has finally won the electoral college vote yesterday. After six weeks of Presidential Election Trump finally ensured his party to power confirming 270 electoral vote. After the pole he invited US citizens to work hard and be united to make America great again. He promised to be the president of all citizens. Yesterday…Read More


Local and Global Impact of UK referendum result

Sharif Mustajib After a historical referendum, Britain is going to leave EU. Though it doesn’t have legally binding to maintain the referendum, political leaders won’t take risks against public opinion. Thus, it’s a political reality. The referendum has triggered the consequence. We have discussed on reason of leaving. Now, our thirst of query is what…Read More