Dtrump's Foreign Policy 2017

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: America First or America Alone?

The newly elected president Donald J Trump is a widely discussed name in current international politics. He has been criticized for a series of controversial decisions. He is ignoring the rules of politics and diplomacy since entering the White House. Though his supporters said he is a revolutionist, other people is worried about his dictatorship…Read More

How Trump May Really Make America Great

How Trump May Really Make America Great!

Anupam Debashis Roy Donald Trump is now the President of United States Even after almost three months after the election, many cannot yet fathom the fact that Hillary Clinton has lost to Trump. The reason of her loss however, is very simple. Hillary Clinton and her President Obama lead an administration that was not very…Read More

Donald Trump wins in Electoral College Vote

Donald Trump wins in Electoral College Vote

Donald Trum has finally won the electoral college vote yesterday. After six weeks of Presidential Election Trump finally ensured his party to power confirming 270 electoral vote. After the pole he invited US citizens to work hard and be united to make America great again. He promised to be the president of all citizens. Yesterday…Read More

Will Trump win the Presidency??

Will Trump win the Presidency??

  At the very moment of election FBI has added new debate on Hillary’s e-mail scandal. Though specialists are arguing that it’s not fact of reducing space of current survey but supporters are being concerned! Meanwhile, Republican campaigner who were irritated with Trump’s bizarre activities returning home! By the survey of Washington Post and ABC…Read More

9/11 Tragedy and American Narcissism

At the time of 15th anniversary of 9/11 tragedy we are trying to find “true fact” over the incredible incident what is considered as game changing incident of international system. Nonetheless, US then president George W Bush’s “terrorism for terror” has done an untold suffering for civilians. Innocent children, women are the worst victims. If…Read More

hilary image

Why Hilary is favorite to me !

Sharif Mustajib Student, International Relations University of Chittagong. The most polarized election of the world on the stage!  You must be able guess apparently that I’m talking about US presidential election where a lady is an actor. Yes! I’m talking about Hillary Clinton, have already wined in primary veteran candidate Bernie Sanders. It would be…Read More