How Propaganda and Disinformation Influence Altogether: The Ukrainian Social Landscape

ABSTRACT  Every day, through media, public opinion, interests, and motivations of people, consciences are influenced, misguided or diverted, even beyond the boundaries of their own wills and senses. This paper analyses the implications of propaganda and disinformation in the context of undermining, in general, the exercise of human rights, mainly through the use of online…Read More

Remodeling the Businesses for a Post-Pandemic World

Abstract: In this globally pandemic situation, there is barely anyone who is unaware of COVID-19. Everyone is maintaining strict regulations following proper hygiene, social distancing, and home quarantine. Industrialization is largely hindered by which most developed countries are mostly dependent including some developing and under-developed countries too. This eventually leads to unemployed lazy lives. People…Read More

India’s Response to South Asian Regionalism

 Abstract: From the perspective of India, the article mainly focused on the reasons behind the inefficient functioning of SAARC. Additionally, the paper provides certain information that gives readers some insight into this issue and to analyze India’s political behavior during the course of collaboration amongst the countries.    According to the World Bank data of 20191, India…Read More

Impact of Big Data Fighting against COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Abstract: Big data is the greatest tool in this digital era. In the Global epidemic COVID-19, big data has advanced to a place where it can provide emergency response teams with real-time tools and technology that have the potential to monitor, contain and even stop the spread of disease. In this article, we demonstrate the…Read More

Indo-Pacific-Opportunities for the Regional Institutions in South Asia

Abstract The Indo-Pacific Strategy is an omnipresent aspect of US foreign policy in the 21st century. It is a policy design, having rooted in the past, and inextricably intertwined with the future of the country and its allies. The US involvement in the Indo-Pacific, in the name of enhancing trade, and making and strengthening new…Read More

Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The Policy Outlook

Abstract Migration and refugee crisis have become a global concern with the world’s increasing number of people on the move. The recent movements of Rohingya from Myanmar to Bangladesh took place due to the persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar. The Rohingyas are stateless and helpless people. The Government of Bangladesh has given them shelter inside…Read More


Abstract  In the liberation war of Bangladesh, people of all ages participated impulsively. Apart from men, women also came forward to fight against the Pakistani junta and they played a very significant role in the war. But in the pages of history, we rarely see the heroic presence of women. They are mostly presented as…Read More

Potential Role of China in South Asia as a Country Leading the BRI

Abstract China has been eyeing South Asia for its economic endeavors for a long time. With the motivation to check India’s power status in the region, coupled with intentions to assert socio-economic and political influence in the region, the Belt and Road Initiative, designed from Chinese heritage and ancient past, has created a shining path…Read More

Sexual and Gender Based Violence against LGBTQ People in the Global South: A Missing Development Issue

Violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people is very deep-rooted and encountered everywhere, whereas in the context of the Global South it is particularly prevalent. The effects of violence such as exclusion from the labor market, education, healthcare, family and social networks – from the perspective of the poor, may be much…Read More