Partition of India and the Role of Indian National Congress

Abstract The main objective of my research is to find the role played by the Indian National Congress during the partition. On fundamental concepts, Most people think All India Muslim League collectively and Muhammad Ali Jinnah individually liable for this separation. So, INC is thrown in a safe zone. But currently, the dispute is praised…Read More

India’s Response to South Asian Regionalism

 Abstract: From the perspective of India, the article mainly focused on the reasons behind the inefficient functioning of SAARC. Additionally, the paper provides certain information that gives readers some insight into this issue and to analyze India’s political behavior during the course of collaboration amongst the countries.    According to the World Bank data of 20191, India…Read More

Nepal’s Neighborhood Policy: Blueprint of Mutual Cooperation

Abstract Nepal is a sovereign state but still failed to function and implement its policy independently. Due to the dependency toward India, Nepal has confined itself in many ways. Having a great power China in its north and an emerging economic power, India in South, Nepal has failed to exploit this opportunity. There are so…Read More

Security Complexities of South Asia and its impact on integrity of SAARC

Abstract South Asia, on one hand, can be considered as a region with diversities and on the other hand, a region with complexities. There are different instincts that can bind the region together and at the same time those separate the integrity of the South Asian nations. In one part of the world, they are…Read More

Why Bangladesh is important in geopolitical context ?

Since the power politics emerged in global politics, geographical strategy became the vital point. Thus, the term “Geopolitics” has become a buzzword in world politics. There are certain elements in geopolitics variable or non-variable. On both sides, Bangladesh is important in the context of geopolitics. One needs to understand those relevant geopolitical contexts to play…Read More