Potential Role of China in South Asia as a Country Leading the BRI

Abstract China has been eyeing South Asia for its economic endeavors for a long time. With the motivation to check India’s power status in the region, coupled with intentions to assert socio-economic and political influence in the region, the Belt and Road Initiative, designed from Chinese heritage and ancient past, has created a shining path…Read More

The Dangers of “the Emergency of Emergence” in Africa

This is a continental phenomenon. Following the roaring 2000s that saw the fast growth of middle-income countries in the global South – epitomized by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) – many African countries defined in the early 2010sas a priority the attainment of this status of emergence. This is the case of…Read More

How Important are Natural Resources for African Development?

Today, Noé Michalon breaks the myth of natural resources being a key factor of either the development or the decay of African countries. They surely played a role in emphasizing pre-existing factors but should be put in the background to focus on more important core activities. When it comes to natural resources in Africa comes…Read More

Power Struggle in Arabian Sea: a contemporary analysis

The Arabian Sea, especially Strait of Hormuz, has always been of great importance because of neighboring resource-rich countries. A significant amount of world oil trade passes through this. This part of the Arabian Sea is of prime significance for almost all the regional and global players including India, Pakistan, China, and the US.   read…Read More

North Korea’s New Strategy: Charm Offensive

North Korea has been on the headline every now and then whenever there is either a joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States or a nuclear test by its regime. It may seem as if this country is on a suicidal path for testing its nuclear weapons ignoring the sanctions being imposed…Read More

Turkey on the Offensive: Operation Olive Branch

The Middle East is one of the most volatile regions in the world. There are many players with different interests sometimes at odds with one another. Turkey is one of those players. In 2016 it has taken the spotlight for launching Operation Euphrates Shield into Syrian territory to push back against the Islamic States. Turkey…Read More

What Does Russia Want in World Politics?

The Collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991 was a major event in world politics. The Communist empire disintegrated leaving the United States of America as the sole superpower of the world. The 1990s were considered to be the era of American hegemony. Under such circumstances, the newly independent Russia was in a setback…Read More

How Chinese Geopolitics harms Southeast Asian Unity

South China Sea has been disputed among a few countries in Asia especially China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. However, it is China that is claiming the lion share of the sea roughly 90% of it. This dispute is not new and it will certainly remain for years to come. One-third of global maritime shipping…Read More

Why Bangladesh is important in geopolitical context ?

Since the power politics emerged in global politics, geographical strategy became the vital point. Thus, the term “Geopolitics” has become a buzzword in world politics. There are certain elements in geopolitics variable or non-variable. On both sides, Bangladesh is important in the context of geopolitics. One needs to understand those relevant geopolitical contexts to play…Read More

How uncertain life can be at Bangladesh-India border area!

Jiban Sarker Jagannath University, Bangladesh.   Bangladesh, a small south-Asian country, was born having 1, 47,570 square kilometers from Pakistan in 1971. The country is beset with India, Myanmar and Bay of Bengal. Though India is considered as a friendly country by Bangladesh as India assisted Bangladesh a lot to be free from Pakistani tyranny,…Read More