Assessing risk of new war in Eastern Europe

In the light of recent aggression of Russia towards Ukraine and exponential increase of tensions between Moscow and NATO allows suggesting that Kremlin is aiming for the long-term confrontation with the possibility of further escalation. The most obvious targets for the future aggression are Poland and the Baltic countries. In this the report we argue…Read More

Pivot to the East as a Sign of the New World Order

In recent years Russia has been putting more emphasis on its relations with Asian countries (especially with China), which is often called “Russia’s pivot to the East”. This pivot is sometimes presented as a forced step in order to avoid isolation in the international political scene. However, this tendency is not a novelty in Russian…Read More

What Does Russia Want in World Politics?

The Collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991 was a major event in world politics. The Communist empire disintegrated leaving the United States of America as the sole superpower of the world. The 1990s were considered to be the era of American hegemony. Under such circumstances, the newly independent Russia was in a setback…Read More