Nepal’s Neighborhood Policy: Blueprint of Mutual Cooperation

Abstract Nepal is a sovereign state but still failed to function and implement its policy independently. Due to the dependency toward India, Nepal has confined itself in many ways. Having a great power China in its north and an emerging economic power, India in South, Nepal has failed to exploit this opportunity. There are so…Read More

Pivot to the East as a Sign of the New World Order

In recent years Russia has been putting more emphasis on its relations with Asian countries (especially with China), which is often called “Russia’s pivot to the East”. This pivot is sometimes presented as a forced step in order to avoid isolation in the international political scene. However, this tendency is not a novelty in Russian…Read More

Analyze and Explain the Foreign Policy of Bangladesh from Theoretical Perspective

The formulation of Foreign Policy is a difficult process for small states; it has become more difficult in today’s world. Foreign policy formulation depends on history, geographic location, religion, identity, ethnicity, culture and natural resources. It is an extension of domestic policy. Bangladesh pursues a moderate foreign policy with its neighboring countries. Bangladesh formulates its…Read More