The Delusion of Women Empowerment in the Ready-made Garments Industry of Bangladesh

Abstract The Readymade Garments industry is one of the booming industries of Bangladesh in current times. The products produced are of export quality and count up to lion share of the GDP of the country. This has led to an increased rate of economic growth over the years. Foreign clothing brands and companies of the…Read More

India’s Response to South Asian Regionalism

 Abstract: From the perspective of India, the article mainly focused on the reasons behind the inefficient functioning of SAARC. Additionally, the paper provides certain information that gives readers some insight into this issue and to analyze India’s political behavior during the course of collaboration amongst the countries.    According to the World Bank data of 20191, India…Read More

The History of Maritime Piracy in the Indian Ocean

Introduction: Maritime piracy used to be considered as a security threat for the traders. In this modern age, actual piracy is very rare. Because Pirates need favorable conditions to succeed like weak states with accessible coastlines, disengagement by major naval powers, and rich cargoes passing nearby. Although maritime criminal activity still exists in the Caribbean,…Read More

Green YardsTransforms Nasty Used Cooking Oil Into Fresh-Scented Handmade Soaps

So if you’ve clicked on this article, I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here about how more can always be done to help the environment. But here’s a little plot twist: in all honesty, most of an individual’s actions to save the environment barely puts a dent into environmental destruction. The biggest contributor to…Read More

Sophia, the Robot Sensation

For the last few months the word “Sophia” bandied about in news headlines both in national and international headline media. Sophia is an artificial intelligence robot with doe-brown eyes and long fluttery eyelashes behave just like the human. In the history of Robotics such innovation is a great achievement. Hence, this robot becomes a media celebrity….Read More

Is Education still the answer?

First of all, let me make it perfectly clear that, the purpose of this article is not to denounce or dispel the importance of education. In fact, it is quite the contrary. The whole idea is to encourage readers to change the approach to learning; to see education as more than just a basic, class-confined…Read More

Lebanon’s Potential Plunge into Middle East Quagmire

Lebanon is a tiny country surrounded by bigger and more powerful neighbors. There is civil war right next door while another boiling pot is waiting to spill over from the south. It is a victim of its own geography. The Cold War in the Middle East between the two regional powers is threatening to reach…Read More

Pivot to the East as a Sign of the New World Order

In recent years Russia has been putting more emphasis on its relations with Asian countries (especially with China), which is often called “Russia’s pivot to the East”. This pivot is sometimes presented as a forced step in order to avoid isolation in the international political scene. However, this tendency is not a novelty in Russian…Read More

Child Abortion: Should it be legal or illegal?

The subject of abortion is perhaps one of the most highly charged issues of our day. Answering the question ‘Should It Be Legal or Illegal?’ honestly takes a pretty much courage, patience and core knowledge. So consequently, there arise a lot of questions regarding this argument. Many of these arguments are fueled with myths, many…Read More