Racism Vs Globalization: a Matter of concern


Race and globalization both are as old as mankind. The idea of race popularized through the social practice of divide and rule. In globalization also we can find this idea of divide and rule through the economic status of the country. But the economically developed countries like America and European countries are home to millions of racial identical people. Modern globalization idea also considered as the idea of American and European market enhancement policy, where they can use developing and developed worlds market for their products. But modernization and globalization are also creating the division and enhancing the hatred among different racial peoples. The best example we can find in American society where Individual terrorism is happening on the basis of Racism, and this terrorism is known as Racial Terrorism. In this paper, we are going to explore the European and American society on the basis of the complex relationship of Race and Globalization.

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Generally, globalization refers the process where goods and services move freely among nations. National boundaries become more invisible and irrelevant. In the early era, there was a natural limitation to globalization. But in the recent era the idea of globalization enhances its sphere and nowadays the sovereignty of the country is not considered the serious matter in some context the general understanding of globalism and globalization, we can assume that this process had been developing and growing for over a hundred years and it is a continuing process.

Be that as it may, there have been many changes in the globalization procedure over the most recent two decades that makes it particular from prior incarnations. The significant thing being exchanged today’s worldwide market is data and capital itself, instead of wares or different items. The mechanical change enables funding to move promptly. Changes in money related approaches, and in addition to what is being exchanged and the significance of capital, have made a worldwide market unmistakably not quite the same as past periods. Prior items and capital were more attached to a place. Today, a hefty portion of the things exchanged and delivered in the worldwide market, for example, e-learning and computer innovation are amazingly versatile or rootless. The United States has risen as the main world superpower. This has permitted the U.S. huge impact in setting the terms for worldwide exchange. The style of globalism pushed by the United States has favored the free development and security of capital, while being, best case scenario detached and at the very least unfriendly to the more place-ward work. It is the double relationship of versatile capital and settled sloppy and unprotected work that has made the conditions for cash-flow to rule. This has been extraordinarily improved by the U.S. position toward sorted out work and capital. While the U.S. has been forceful in securing capital both at home and abroad, it has supported both the debilitating of sorted out work and evacuating insurances for specialists. While both Japan and Europe have forcefully pushed for globalism, each has been additionally ready to secure work, the earth, and certain business sectors – at any rate on their own particular outskirts. It is the United States that has reliably been the most radical on changing capital and ensuring it as it moves crosswise over limits and the most threatening to securing work and delicate markets. Ensuring work conveys what needs be in solid unions and specialists’ advantages as well as in a solid social welfare framework. The United States has intentionally advanced toward weaker guilds, and also an iron deficient social welfare framework. It has utilized the globalism it advocates as a defense for keeping specialists’ employments unreliable, pay and advantages moderately low. Laborers are informed that pushing hard for advantages will make capital leave to another area in the nation or the world where specialists will work for less with fewer advantages. The United States and the universal associations over which it has a generous impact, for example, the International Monetary Fund, have requested security of capital and empowered or endured the concealment of work and nature in the weaker southern nations. Capital is effectively being coordinated to business sectors with low wages, where specialists are now and then mishandled and work associations smothered. The riches this globalism is making is by and large compellingly sponsored by helpless specialists and the earth, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere. This rationale is then used to debilitate the position of work in the North, as we are required to contend with chaotic, stifled work in the South. U.S.  Style globalism endeavors to smother work, as well as tries to stifle social welfare frameworks and support for open uses that don’t straightforwardly profit the development of capital. The social welfare framework and other open administrations, for example, schools, social administrations in the North and nourishment endowments in the South, are bolstered through charges, and duties lessen here and now advantages to capital. In the North, it is ladies and minorities who are most reliant on the general population part. These racial and sexual orientation connections make it all the less demanding to assault the authenticity of tax collection for this reason. Assessments are viewed as undesirable since they decrease benefits and meddle with the market. However, general society space, including the welfare framework, must be upheld by people in general as duties. Regardless of whether we are discussing training or other open administrations, we are urged to trust that they ought to be as restricted as would be prudent and made to impersonate the market. The individuals, who can’t flourish in the market condition without help, particularly in the event that they are minorities, are viewed as free-loaders and ill-conceived. From various perspectives, a significant part of the general population space in the United States moves toward becoming related to ethnic minorities.


Current Situation: on the context of America and Europe

In the globalized world, the idea of racism is increasing dangerously and creating the scope for deviation and violation. In the European context, we can find the consequence of Brexit recent years and the reason behind this decision would be the sense of racial consciousness. Europe is a land of millions of trillions of racial people and because of economic development, the migrants were usually welcomed traditionally there. The European Union is considered as the biggest economic group in the world where the idea of Globalization reflects the regional integration. The racial violence in Europe is also a matter of concern that was there traditionally as we mention the Hitler’s regime but it shaped in different forms in the age of globalization and modernization.

Consistently ethnic and religious minorities confront supremacist wrongdoing and viciousness over the EU. They are not focused on arbitrarily by culprits, but rather just as a result of their identity or they appear to be. Frequently this truth is denied or belittled. As indicated by an FRA study, each fourth respondent from a minority said that they had been a casualty of violence in any event once in the 12 months going before the study. Likewise, the specificity of supremacist brutality is that it has a gradually expanding influence: not exclusively does the individual need to manage the hurt and disconnection, however, everybody who shares that individual’s character turns into a potential target. This people group then has a mutual dread that they are helpless against badgering and brutality on account of their character. On a more extensive scale, this serves to separate and captivate gatherings. In spite of EU enactment on fighting bigot brutality, there are still holes in the execution by the Member States. Practically speaking, the variety of legitimate arrangements in the Member States directly affects how criminal law specialists manage supremacist misbehaviors. Limit definitions regularly decipher in under-recording of episodes. What’s more, as of now, just Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom gather extensive information on loathing wrongdoing, including point by point data on both the casualties and the culprits. With respect to bigot talks, we know they are not simply words. They effectually affect the conclave focused on and can all the time prompt demonstrations of savagery. In the event that such talks are engendered by open figures, government officials or the media, their effect is all the all the more harming. Surely, lawmakers have a huge impact as sentiment shapers. They are, be that as it may, not generally mindful of the almost negligible difference between the opportunity of expression and the utilization of dialect prompting disdain as well as viciousness.

In America, the globalization resulted in interracial hatred and killings. Trumpian post-truth reveals the picture of a racial hemispheric era of United States of America. The failure of Hilary Clinton according to scholars also indicates the hidden culture of American minds that does not allow liberalism and the ruling of a female leader.

Interracial murders are the result of racial hatred normally Black citizens and individuals or migrants are executed by white Americans as well as whites are also executed by Black on the basis of racial hatred. The quantity of black individuals slaughtered by whites – a statistic in the FBI report that incorporates those of Hispanic plunge – surged by almost a quarter in 2015 from the prior year, as the quantity of whites executed by blacks bounced 12 percent. Together, such interracial killings expanded around 13 percent from 2014.

Homicide has been on the ascent since the beginning of 2015, yet that expansion has to a great extent been driven by road brutality in Chicago, Baltimore, and the country’s capital. Still, Republican presidential chosen one Donald Trump has adequately played on Americans’ impression of wrongdoing – itself buttressed by every day silencing scope in the news – pronouncing that blacks were in charge of 81 percent of the killings of white Americans, that “African-American people group are totally in the most noticeably awful shape they’ve ever been in before,” and that “inward city crime is achieving record levels.”

Individual violence is happening on the basis of racism the state also enhancing the scope of this violence. The America’s step out from Trans National Partnership and fencing the boundary to put a stop on migrants flow is the symbol of racism and it also indicates the stand of USA regarding the idea of Globalization.


Race and Globalization have complex relation. As they depend on each other because with the help of globalization the global citizen idea popularized on the other hand because of globalization specific racial identity and its importance realized by the entities. At this point of view, we can presume that Race and Globalization has a close relation. Both Race and Globalization is considered as old as mankind but with the passes of time the idea and hemisphere changes according to the need for world system. Globalization and race bear the complexity of what is good for the group and economy. The racial status and superiority create complexity in globalization process while globalization glorifies the idea of oneness and the abolition of racism. In state level, an economic perspective, the globalization has no problem but at the individual level, it creates a problem as every individual has millions of identity in this globalized world. And the individual crisis of identity creates the frustration and hatred. That leads the racism and racial homicides and killings. This complexity between Race and Globalization is seen mostly in developed nations like America and European countries. And it leads the –

  1. Idea of Global Terrorism
  2. Individual Terrorism
  3. Racial Terrorism
  4. Islam phobia
  5. Anti-migration

These hampers the globalization process and the oneness by hampering-

  1. Trade facilities among Nations.
  2. Reverse Brain Drain trends.
  3. Increasing Human and Drug Trafficking
  4. Tran’s national crime and so on.

The Way Forward:

The complex relation between Race and Globalization is negative by nature. As one emphasis on the oneness and other focuses on the group identity based on racial factors. In this sense, we can find the difference between race and ethnicity also. But in ethnicity, the rivalry with globalization is much less than the Racism. The relationship is not flexible between Race and Globalization. This is a serious matter of concern but there is no possible and positive direct solution. But the probable solution is to liberalize the state policy and the state should not enhance the idea of Racism. In this regard State should take these initiatives to lessen the complexity:

  1. Reducing Military Industrial Complex: In American and western developed society the common features we can face that the military industrial complexity prevails in the society. This complexity enhances the possibility of racial violence. The state should take initiatives to reduce these complexities.
  2. Individual Arms control: In the western and developed world the availability of armaments are also enhancing the racial violence. Because of globalization, multicultural cosmopolitanism is prevailing there, so the state should be careful about the availability of armaments especially gun ownership. Statistics show the mass shooting regarding the racial causes is increasing rapidly in the USA.

International Organizational mechanism:  As globalization is International matter and the idea of global village promoting the international structure and the necessity of International Organizations and International nongovernmental organizations including the economic transnational organizations, they also should take initiatives. Otherwise, the global economic foundation would be hampered because of racial terrorism that is already started through Islam phobia and Islamic fundamentalism as well as individual racial terrorism in America and European Countries. Transnational crimes and terrorism happening because of globalization and the racial consolidation. International concern is required to tackle this problem.

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Alma Siddqua Rothi

MSS student, Center for South Asian Studies, Pondicherry University, India.

studied, International Relations, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh

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