Community Based Youth Activity with Turn To Positive

Back in 2018, 1st June, Turn To Positive was established to promote mental health and accessing information about it. Turn To Positive is a youth-led community-based volunteer organization. Since its establishment, Turn To Positive has continuously engaged in social activities at the ground level and organized workshops and seminars with national and international organizations. During…Read More

Nadia's dream to eradicate myths of women health

Nadia’s dream to eradicate myths of women health

Nadia Sarwar, an epitome of courage and hard work. She never spares even a minute chance to be better at life every day and always makes lemonade when life throws lemons at her. Word ‘’impossible’’ doesn’t exist in her vocabulary. Nadia’s life took the major turn when she was just a 6th grader and her…Read More

Green Yard Social Business in Malaysia

Green YardsTransforms Nasty Used Cooking Oil Into Fresh-Scented Handmade Soaps

So if you’ve clicked on this article, I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here about how more can always be done to help the environment. But here’s a little plot twist: in all honesty, most of an individual’s actions to save the environment barely puts a dent into environmental destruction. The biggest contributor to…Read More