Media Manipulation: The 9/11 attack and Its Impact on Muslims

Abstract ‘Muslim’- the word itself sounds like a terror to the western world and often considered as a synonym for a terrorist. This has been going on for a long but after the 9/11 attack, this fear took a drastic turn. The media has been focusing on this particular event since then and has created…Read More

The History of Maritime Piracy in the Indian Ocean

The History of Maritime Piracy in the Indian Ocean

Introduction: Maritime piracy used to be considered as a security threat for the traders. In this modern age, actual piracy is very rare. Because Pirates need favorable conditions to succeed like weak states with accessible coastlines, disengagement by major naval powers, and rich cargoes passing nearby. Although maritime criminal activity still exists in the Caribbean,…Read More

Islamophobia in the Western World : Islam, Peace or Terror?

Islamophobia in the Western World: Islam is Peace or Terror?

The world has shaken for the first time when Islamic State captured Mosul in 2014 and started its terrorist juggernaut then. But their action not only made peaceful Islam as a religion of terrorism and hatred in the world, to make it Islamic State help even made this religion to recognize as a phobia as Islamophobia….Read More

Is the world heading towards a World War III?

Is the world heading towards a World War III?

We proudly declare that we are the citizens of the twenty-first century. With the unprecedented high growth rates, development, the democratization of nations, one might ask, what is there not to be proud of? This view of today’s times paints a very rosy picture compared to what really is going on in the world. Yes,…Read More


Why Youth are Vulnerable to Terrorism

Sharif Mustajib Global citizens are highly scared of terrorism. No doubt that it’s the worst situation for whole world. It causes a number of problem such migrant and refugee problem, environmental degradation, spreading hatred through society, communalism etc. the most anxiety is youth are getting vulnerable to it. When youth are dream of future, they…Read More