Why Youth are Vulnerable to Terrorism

Sharif Mustajib

Global citizens are highly scared of terrorism. No doubt that it’s the worst situation for whole world. It causes a number of problem such migrant and refugee problem, environmental degradation, spreading hatred through society, communalism etc. the most anxiety is youth are getting vulnerable to it. When youth are dream of future, they are being nightmare. But why they are the victim? why youth are in terrorism?

Firstly, they look for special identity. Most of the young terror-influenced has a misunderstanding that they should have special identity. As they are on puberty, it’s very easy to inject them such idea. Besides, deprived society gets more influenced by this. In a study of United States Institute of Peace found in 2010 said that youths joined in terror organizations are so called “identity seeker”

Another reason is intimated accompany. It’s a psychological phenomenon. Youth obsessed for family, career are such victims. When youth face confrontation of their family member of their views, conflict between parents they look for another room. Additionally someone failed to accomplish desired career is also vulnerable such case. In such situation they look for accompany, if they don’t get family or friends close to them they dis-tuned.


Revenge of being injustice, it’s another complex distortion. Because to identify actual “injustice”. Sometimes youth are so emotional that they aren’t able to understand actual injustice. Rather, we have to admire that every society has some leakage what is really tough to solute.

The funny motivation behind the terror-influenced youth is – thrill! Generally such motivation comes from violent video games, thriller movies, stories etc. Study above mentioned that such type of terror-influenced often come from middle or upper class family.

Poverty and environmental refuges are also another part of such incident. Youth facing poverty, reversed of environmental disaster also victims.

The final approach takes chance for ignorance. Those, who haven’t proper knowledge of religion, morality or ethics, could be the ultimate target of such incident.  Youth puzzled by shallow religious companies becomes victims.


In conclusion, we must admire that youth the most sufferer of terrorism whether it state terrorism or individual. Crime and conflict in domestic politics, naked state interest in international politics are cause of terrorism. Now, it’s the time global leader should decide whether they rear the Frankenstein or save the globe.

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Sharif Mustajib

Student, International Relations

University of Chittagong

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