Presidential election of USA: The Dream of White House

Arman Hossain


The tradition of presidential election of USA launched at first in
1789 by George Washington with no opposition. Almost 43 presidents
attained the entrance in White House customarily, where Republican and
Democratic Party ranked higher in the list for 18 and 15 respectively.
08-Nov-2016 will be the 58th quadrennial US presidential election.
Though many people about 27 strong candidates appealed for Nomination
for this highly enlightened and most powerful position of today’s
complex unipolar world system,  only Donald Trump from Republican and
Hillary Clinton from Democratic have gained  access to race and
further destination of White House.

Here are some analytical hypothesis for next four years of the world
after the US election on the basis of this two people’s goals,
campaign,  and citizen’s  support.

It is criticized that he has used a Fascistic campaign strategy
from the beginning. For example, like Fascism (Nazism) he has
announced to ban a religious minority (Muslims) and he is invoking the Hitler
Youth, taking his messaging pointers directly from Goebbels.
It is assured that he will cut off ties with China and would create
a trade war with top export, import, and market holder and dominant of
today’s economy.  As a result, businessmen who already have a healthy
trade tie with China must be affected and ruined.

He might revive the diversity in different ethnicity and create
racial discrimination among black and white which was wrapped up by
the president Abraham Lincoln and further by the presidency of Barak
Osama. It is a proof for the statement that in 1973, Trump Management
Corporation (of which he was
president at the time) was sued by the Justice Department for
discriminating against blacks who wanted to rent apartments in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

On the other hand Hilary Clinton‘s focus on racial and gender
equality and it has bought her a strong support by black and female
She has the most support from older voters, who love her policies.
Hilary, a self-proclaimed progressive, has focused her platform on
several issues, including spreading racial and women’s rights, raising
wages and ensuring equal pay for
women, and developing healthcare. I think, these are the main issues
for USA to be focused on and hold a static solution.

Mrs. Clinton has already beaten her main competitor for the Democratic
nomination Bernie Sanders and proved her unbeatable power to gain the
entrance in White House.

When international system is distorting towards righties, as Brexit result, righties dominant in India, North Korea; we are waiting eagerly what will be going on November 2016 in USA! Particularly in White House!


Arman Hossain

Student, International Relations

University of Chittagong.

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