How the Media Fuels Australia’s Greatest Racial Divide

Abstract Sudanese Australians have been misrepresented in the media as “criminal[s]” and the enforcers of gang brutality, falsely rendering them “(unable) to settle successfully in Australia” (Nunn 2010, p. 183-185). The Sudanese community in Australia, particularly Victoria, is generally portrayed in media forms such as journalism and social media as the perpetrators of youth violence…Read More

Media Manipulation: The 9/11 attack and Its Impact on Muslims

Abstract ‘Muslim’- the word itself sounds like a terror to the western world and often considered as a synonym for a terrorist. This has been going on for a long but after the 9/11 attack, this fear took a drastic turn. The media has been focusing on this particular event since then and has created…Read More

Films to help you understand complexity of International Relations: Part 1

In 2009, in the online edition of Slate‘s sister publication Foreign Policy, two of its regular bloggers, namely Stephen M. Walt and Daniel W. Drezner, drew up lists of what they regarded as the best movies ever made about international relations. Walt was inspired to compile the list after a friend told him about a…Read More

Politics Goes Popular: The Power of Satire

International relations and popular culture As an academic discipline, International Relations (IR) operates with a very constricted notion of what defines politics, what politics should be, who political actors are, and where politics takes place. It is generally consigned to formal institutions, constituted of governments and the relations among them, and other organizational structures such…Read More

The Production, Reproduction and Transformation of Hegemony through Media: The Case of Egypt

Introduction The resignation of Mubarak in February 2011 didn’t end the rule of the power centers- which includes the military- that have been in power since the overthrow of the Egyptian monarch in 1952. After his resignation, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) wielded power for almost one year and a half directing the…Read More