Analysis of Global Governance

A Contemporary Analysis of Global Governance

Change in the international system and global order is inherent; thus, it is no wonder that since the advent of the cold war, a gradual shift can be witnessed in the face of intensifying globalization, with global governance at the heart of this transition. Based on the notions of cosmopolitism, utilitarianism, and egalitarianism, the phenomenon…Read More

International Relations After the Cold War

International Relations After the Cold War: Violent Democracies, Hegemonism, and Deprivation

Abstract The paper analyzes the post-cold war contemporary geopolitics from the political, economic, and security framework, presenting the concepts and reflections on the international relations focusing on war and peace modalities within a discourse of democracy, hegemonism, global deprivation, and inequalities. It emphasizes the point of view that strengthens the global onslaught humankind despondency paradigm of…Read More

BREXIT: Will the Liberal International order of Europe collapse?

BREXIT: Will the Liberal International Order of Europe Collapse?

Since the demise of the Cold War, liberal world order was expected to reign in the world order system. Liberal states had gained superiority over communism and most prevailing theory of back then, realism has got itself engaged in too much violence and security threat. As a result, it was expected that Liberalist principles will…Read More

Films to help you understand complexity of International Relations: Part 1

Films to help you understand complexity of International Relations: Part 1

In 2009, in the online edition of Slate‘s sister publication Foreign Policy, two of its regular bloggers, namely Stephen M. Walt and Daniel W. Drezner, drew up lists of what they regarded as the best movies ever made about international relations. Walt was inspired to compile the list after a friend told him about a…Read More

North Korea’s New Strategy: Charm Offensive

North Korea’s New Strategy: Charm Offensive

North Korea has been on the headline every now and then whenever there is either a joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States or a nuclear test by its regime. It may seem as if this country is on a suicidal path for testing its nuclear weapons ignoring the sanctions being imposed…Read More

Inside Qatar crisis at a glance

Inside Qatar Crisis at a glance

The issue of Qatar crisis is currently being discussed in International politics. Qatar is a tiny country with huge mineral resources like oil and gas. It has been gained a tremendous infrastructural wonders recent times. Recently the crisis with several gulf countries headed by Saudi Arabia has been a highly discussed in international politics. After…Read More

The contemporary debate on political globalization and nation-state

The Contemporary Debate on Political Globalization and Nation-state

The perspective of Political Globalization When we talk about globalization, we can’t define it particularly because of its multidimensional aspect. Scholars defined it in various ways. Shortly, globalization can be defined as the intensification of social relations, exchange of cultures and compression of distance. Globalization can be defined by one’s own point of view. An…Read More

Peace & conflict

Global Peace vs Global Conflict

Jiban Sarker Jagannath University, Bangladesh. Global peace is such a concept that has turned into the most alluring term for the peace loving people all over the world in this 21st centuries. Basically global peace indicates the universal alliance, calmness and agreement. On the contrary, Global conflict implies global dispute, detest, percussion and fight. Now…Read More

geopolitical importance of turkey

Turkey: contemporary issues and geopolitical factors

Sharif Mustajib University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Around the year, turkey was one of the most discussed issues in world politics sometimes for Turkey-Russia distortion, migrant & refugee issue, ISIS – Middle East geopolitical game or Erdogan’s mockery. Whatever the fact is but why Turkey is important in geopolitics?? Its geographical location between Asia and Europe…Read More


International Relations as a field of academic study

Shaukat Afsar This article may be read by Barack Obama, David Cameron and even Ban ki Moon! If the world community gets some sort of solutions to all these conflicts, global challenges. Because it’s the discussion of International Relations, only where you can find the total solutions! This is the real image interactions beyond our…Read More