Turkey on the Offensive: Operation Olive Branch

The Middle East is one of the most volatile regions in the world. There are many players with different interests sometimes at odds with one another. Turkey is one of those players. In 2016 it has taken the spotlight for launching Operation Euphrates Shield into Syrian territory to push back against the Islamic States. Turkey…Read More

US Turkey Relationships: The Friction and the Tension

The United States and Turkey have seen their relationships sour in recent years. Although both sides are allies and need each other, there have been indications of a rift as both of them have conflicting goals and interests. Recently American embassy has suspended all non-immigration Visa in all facilities in Turkey in response to the…Read More

Russia and Turkey as a Complex Ally: NATO Reaction on the Purchase of S-400

In international politics, there is no permanent friend and enemy. Every country here works only for the national interests. Moscow and Ankara relations status again remind us of this fact. These two countries are working for reducing the tensions in Syria for almost six years and in these six years, their relationship also was in…Read More

Turkey: contemporary issues and geopolitical factors

Sharif Mustajib University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Around the year, turkey was one of the most discussed issues in world politics sometimes for Turkey-Russia distortion, migrant & refugee issue, ISIS – Middle East geopolitical game or Erdogan’s mockery. Whatever the fact is but why Turkey is important in geopolitics?? Its geographical location between Asia and Europe…Read More