International Relations After the Cold War: Violent Democracies, Hegemonism, and Deprivation

Abstract The paper analyzes the post-cold war contemporary geopolitics from the political, economic, and security framework, presenting the concepts and reflections on the international relations focusing on war and peace modalities within a discourse of democracy, hegemonism, global deprivation, and inequalities. It emphasizes the point of view that strengthens the global onslaught humankind despondency paradigm of…Read More

The Role of Money in International Politics: Powerful and Dangerous

ABSTRACT This article will focus on an underappreciated and rarely discussed issue in international politics, the role that money, resources and wealth play in influencing government policies. For example, often overlooked when analyzing post-industrial and post-globalization politics is the rise of the multinational financial, corporate and oil industries as powerful actors influencing State policies and…Read More

Films to help you understand complexity of International Relations: Part 1

In 2009, in the online edition of Slate‘s sister publication Foreign Policy, two of its regular bloggers, namely Stephen M. Walt and Daniel W. Drezner, drew up lists of what they regarded as the best movies ever made about international relations. Walt was inspired to compile the list after a friend told him about a…Read More

North Korea’s New Strategy: Charm Offensive

North Korea has been on the headline every now and then whenever there is either a joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States or a nuclear test by its regime. It may seem as if this country is on a suicidal path for testing its nuclear weapons ignoring the sanctions being imposed…Read More

Chinese Communism: Mao Tse-Tung to Xi Jinping

Chinese communism or socialism represents the socialist ideologies with capitalist’s activities and this is also a debatable topic. The history of Chinese communism goes back to the era of revolution. So we have to go back to the time to explore the facts and nature of Chinese communism. Chinese Communist Party considered as both a…Read More

US Turkey Relationships: The Friction and the Tension

The United States and Turkey have seen their relationships sour in recent years. Although both sides are allies and need each other, there have been indications of a rift as both of them have conflicting goals and interests. Recently American embassy has suspended all non-immigration Visa in all facilities in Turkey in response to the…Read More

Independence of Catalonia: Will it get out of Control?

Separatist sentiment in Catalonia has existed since long time ago. However, it appears that the determination to gain independence from Spain has persisted and grown stronger ever since the death of Francisco Franco in 1975. As part of Spain, Catalonia is one of the richest regions with its own distinct culture and language. Despite autonomy…Read More

Europe’s national security dilemmas: Who is crossing the line?

Faced with the assertive power of Russia, Turkey, Iran, and China, Europe is witnessing a return to geopolitics where the struggle for self-determination becomes the stepping stone for political profit. Opportunist leaders are evoking geopolitical thinking in an attempt to shade the balance of power and reassert old territorial claims. Considering the geopolitical interests of…Read More

Are we going to face the devastating Third World War!

Meanwhile, the world is facing a tough time after the cold war period. After that time the world is getting much heat and the power that handed over to so many countries that the situation truly making the world and world system a diverse one. In the situation, the main tension that brings all the…Read More