Power Struggle in Arabian Sea: a contemporary analysis

The Arabian Sea, especially Strait of Hormuz, has always been of great importance because of neighboring resource-rich countries. A significant amount of world oil trade passes through this. This part of the Arabian Sea is of prime significance for almost all the regional and global players including India, Pakistan, China, and the US.   read…Read More

Politics Goes Popular: The Power of Satire

International relations and popular culture As an academic discipline, International Relations (IR) operates with a very constricted notion of what defines politics, what politics should be, who political actors are, and where politics takes place. It is generally consigned to formal institutions, constituted of governments and the relations among them, and other organizational structures such…Read More

Are we going to face the devastating Third World War!

Meanwhile, the world is facing a tough time after the cold war period. After that time the world is getting much heat and the power that handed over to so many countries that the situation truly making the world and world system a diverse one. In the situation, the main tension that brings all the…Read More