Are we going to face the devastating Third World War!

Meanwhile, the world is facing a tough time after the cold war period. After that time the world is getting much heat and the power that handed over to so many countries that the situation truly making the world and world system a diverse one.

In the situation, the main tension that brings all the question that is here will be any Third World War due to the aggressive nature of North Korea under the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK)Kim Jong-un and under his supervision, its developing nuclear weapon and continuous threatening over the USA.

The aggressive nature and the secret program that North Korea continuously launching that concerns mostly the USA, China, Russia, and Japan as of making the world a volatile one to make it one great problem in the twenty-first century.

After the Communist leader, Mao Zedong started building up China in the late 1940s with the help of United Soviet Socialist Russia (USSR) and that time USSR also building their WMD with the help of their spies in the UK and the USA getting information from them and made the first test at 1949. USSR’s main perspective was to help Communist China to make it one big powerful country which eventually helps them in the near future in the cold war period to fight against the USA. So China took help and started developing its infrastructure at the start.

By this time communist, North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950. When the war ended in 1953, Korea was still divided and it remains that way today. After World War II, Korea is divided into communist North Korea and anti-communist South Korea at a spot called the 38th parallel. So it made them the no ending enemy till the twenty-first century.

From then on the Kim Jong’s family take over North Korea and made it one volatile nation that only concentrates on building its nation by developing its military power and by developing its nuclear weapon with the help of the Soviet Union. In the beginning, as a founding member of the Soviet-led Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, North Korea had for years sent its scientists to the Soviet Union for nuclear energy training, according to a timeline compiled by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). The Soviets even helped North Korea set up its first nuclear reactor in 1964. The reactor was used to produce radioactive isotopes for medicinal, industrial, and research purposes. But from then North Korea go hand on it started planning big to run a nuclear program at a massive level. But while North Korea’s scientists had the technical training, they lacked designs for the highly sophisticated facilities needed to produce nuclear weapons. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, North Korea set about acquiring sensitive nuclear technologies from Europe, taking advantage of the lack of adequate nuclear information safeguards at the time.


Now the question comes up is Kim Jong-un’s aggressive nature will cause the Third world War?

Obviously, the question rises as under Kim Jong-un would be the next Germany that started the previous two world wars. Again the situation taking a great position under the command of Donald Trump and his government and his action against the Muslims and also to North Korea that also making the situation even more critical to the world. Kim Jong-un already proved he is the character that doesn’t even care what will the next action that the will USA take against them and the sanction that the USA is taking to block them in making the Nuclear weapon.

After the Presidential election, 2016 USA has produced the most controversial and the most hated ever presidential candidate that even won the election due to the Electoral voting system which also made an added controversy. That’s another issue to discuss. But after the presidential election made the world face another situation under Donald J. Trump and his continuous threatening to North Korea to stop making and developing, testing Nuclear weapons. His action also making the tension even giving an extra problem to expect the next war.

If this will happen and the USA starts a war against North Korea under Donald Trump against Kim Jong-un that will surely not exist within the territory, it will definitely broaden its dimension to the next level. As far as the tension is also getting towards China as China is the bordering country of North Korea which also makes it even worse than ever.

Is the world going to face the devastating Third World War !!
North Korea and select missile test locations. *Air defense sites current as of June 25, 2009.

The map is showing the border that sharing China and North Korea. So the concern also broadens to China as it is taking care of North Korea and somehow China is also responsible for making and taking Korea at this position. As the countries are sharing borders if there is a chance to start a war eventually put pressure on China at the bordering part as there will be a massive migration over the border. China is the country with the largest population and burdened with a lot of problems and they are growing fast their economy so the war definitely puts a depression on China’s economy.

From the previous history, Russia and China are very concerned about North Korea as per helping and the current situation that popped up, the two leaders Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping need to take it with care as it will hamper both the entity with massive demolishment.

According to a 2015 Military and Security report to the US Congress, four to five percent of North Korea’s 25 million-strong population is on active duty. Another 25 to 30 percent are expected to be on stand-by or serve in paramilitary units ready for deployment. That is another 7.5 million troops under Kim Jong-un’s command. So this big Military force can do even a big massacre even the world can even imagine and also it will bring one of the biggest fights of the all-time as if North Korea and the USA engaged in a war it will break it to the outer world and the NATO and other partnering countries will come and join the war again the must-watch scenario would be China, Russia, and North Korea with one team but it’s all we can predict but the reality from the perspective of the situation happening right now is all we can assume about the diplomatic help to reduce the matter to the Chinese government with the world leader as if there will be happening any sort of conflict it will surely burden to china which eventually up them to engage in them in a big fight. From the history that we have seen so far, China is not likely to fight any and they are silently building their artilleries and expanding their forces as powerful as ever, so it can be assumed that determining the future China won‘t allow North Korea to engage in any war and likely to demise them to reduce the missile test in the near future which they are working on by the lead himself  Xi Jinping.

By this time Kim Jong-un still doing his experiment on his missiles and even started threatening with his weapons. On 4 July 2017 North Korea tested an ICBM. The missile flew for approximately 40 minutes, falling 930 km (580 mi) away from the launch site in the Sea of Japan. The missile, named the Hwasong-14, reached an altitude of 2,802 km (1,741 mi). It is estimated that the missile has the capability of reaching 6,700 km (4,200 mi) on a standard trajectory, meaning that although it would not be capable of reaching the Contiguous United States, it would be able to hit anywhere in Alaska. The test prompted an Emergency Debate of the United Nations Security Council.

On 28 July, North Korea launched an additional ballistic missile from Chagang Province, reaching an altitude of 3,000 km (1,865 mi). Jeffrey Lewis, a researcher at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, estimated that the missile could have a range of approximately 10,000 km based on its 45 minute flight time. With this range, the missile could potentially reach major U.S. cities such as Denver and Chicago. This is the fourteenth missile test conducted by North Korea in the year 2017. [source: Wikipedia]

It can be said after Donald Trump being elected as the President the whole scenario has been changed and because of the two leaders Kim Jong-un and Trump they are opposite to each other with their nature and their idealism but in one part they both are aggressive in their action so the prediction could make all it wrong if one side could make the wrong step and the whole world will face the devastating world war for the Third time and which will be the worst ever in the mankind history as the historian and the political specialist only imagine.

United States Vs. North Korea


Md Tariqul Hasan Rifat

Graduate in International Relations

Bangladesh University of Professionals.

Fellow – Resilience and Climate Justice

ActionAid Bangladesh.



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