The contemporary debate on political globalization and nation-state

The Contemporary Debate on Political Globalization and Nation-state

The perspective of Political Globalization When we talk about globalization, we can’t define it particularly because of its multidimensional aspect. Scholars defined it in various ways. Shortly, globalization can be defined as the intensification of social relations, exchange of cultures and compression of distance. Globalization can be defined by one’s own point of view. An…Read More

UN Secretary General selection: Who will be the leader of “Global Parliament”?

Sharif Mustajib If we consider present UN system as “Global Parliament” we have to admire UN Secretary General as a Global Leader. Thus, s/he will be regarded “1 for 7 billion”. After a long way to centralize global advocacy, UN has passed ups and down through global community. One of these controversies is appointing UN…Read More