United States vs. North Korea

United States vs. North Korea: who will win???

The current confrontation between United States and North Korea has been seen such a high tensional that it reminds us the devastating consequences of World War. Not only for Korean peninsula bur also a deep concern for world community because may it start another massacre in history. So, what’s the background actually and who will…Read More

Importance of Sundarban to Bangladesh

Importance of Sundarban to Bangladesh

Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest, is situated in the southern part of Bangladesh adjacent to the Bay of Bengal and Ganga, Brahmaputra, Meghna river delta along with the West Bengal of India. The forest covers 10,000 square kilometers, of which about 6,000 square kilometers are situated in Bangladesh. It was declared World Heritage Site by…Read More

US policy towards Asia under Trump's Presidency

What will be the US policy towards Asia under Trump’s Presidency?

Since the end of the World War II the cornerstone of United State’s foreign policy has always been the desire to construct and safeguard a liberal world order that every country is required to agglutinate to widespread U.S interventions into global issues have strengthened the foundation for such a rule-based political order.  And the presence…Read More

Bangladesh-China relations

Bangladesh-China economic military and diplomatic relations

China- Bangladesh have moved ahead steadily in spite of profound changes in the domestic politics of both countries and major international developments during the last three decades. China has emerged as a reliable partner to Bangladesh Extending economic, military and diplomatic support. While simultaneously attempting to gain a strategic foothold in south Asia and benefit…Read More

Peace & conflict

Global Peace vs Global Conflict

Jiban Sarker Jagannath University, Bangladesh. Global peace is such a concept that has turned into the most alluring term for the peace loving people all over the world in this 21st centuries. Basically global peace indicates the universal alliance, calmness and agreement. On the contrary, Global conflict implies global dispute, detest, percussion and fight. Now…Read More