India’s Strategic Balancing in the Indo-Pacific

India’s Strategic Balancing in the Indo-Pacific: Impacts on Regional and Global Geopolitics

India holds immense significance in the Indo-Pacific region due to various compelling reasons. Firstly, India’s geographical location places it at the crossroad of the Indo-Pacific, connecting both the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. With a coastline of over 7,500 kilometers and numerous strategically important ports, India possesses a natural advantage in maritime affairs. This has…Read More

Maritime Rivalry of the Two Rising Superpowers: India and China’s Quest to Dominate the Indian Ocean

Abstract: The Sino-Indian rivalry includes an inexorably noticeable naval dimension amid the nations’ maritime developments and deployments in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The geographical positioning of China and India has made them fall under the rivalry even if they do not share a naval boundary. The Indian Ocean is the route to global trade…Read More

Indo-Pacific-Opportunities for the Regional Institutions in South Asia

Indo-Pacific-Opportunities for the Regional Institutions in South Asia

Abstract The Indo-Pacific Strategy is an omnipresent aspect of US foreign policy in the 21st century. It is a policy design, having rooted in the past, and inextricably intertwined with the future of the country and its allies. The US involvement in the Indo-Pacific, in the name of enhancing trade, and making and strengthening new…Read More