climate justice

The Ethical Dimension of Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change or Sprinkling Some Fairness on a Pie of Injustice

The year 2019 has so far seen some of the largest climate protests ever in response to increasingly severe and unpredictable weather patterns. While there is a strong scientific consensus that climate change is real and man-made and the public demands that governments do more to curb greenhouse gas emissions, there are still some that…Read More

Who are the Rohingyas?

Who are the Rohingyas?

Abstract:  this article trace down the origin of Rohingyas and also the history of Arakan state, how the Rohingyas evolve in Arakan, the advent of Islam in Arakan when the influx of Rohingyas started at Bengal.  The first settlers of the Chittagong region were the Rohingyas or the people of Arakan.  And the history of…Read More

What Does Russia Want in World Politics?

Anarchy: A Perennial Feature of World Politics or an Outdated Dogma of Realist International Relations Scholarship?

This short article will briefly seek to expose some flaws in the neorealist explanation of international system in terms of a perpetual state of anarchy which succeeds doing so by adopting a positivist epistemology, focusing on structure rather than process and drawing a strict dichotomy between domestic and international politics, suggesting the latter remains anarchical…Read More

Exploring Unconventional People Power

The Decade in Protest: Exploring Unconventional People Power

These last few years have certainly challenged long-standing concepts of what it means to protest and why people do it. Russian “hacktivists” instigate racial protests in the US from around the world.[1] Children in Germany march against their parents’ smartphone use.[2] Neo-Nazis take to the streets to argue that human rights for all are a…Read More

Impact of Rohingya Crisis on Rohingya Refugee Women and the Future

Impact of Rohingya Crisis on Rohingya Refugee Women and the Future

Abstract: A mass exodus of over 6 million people from Myanmar (to Bangladesh) began from mid- August 2017, following a brutal military campaign against them. The mass people experienced unimaginable atrocities including women who had been subjected to systematic rape, torture and seeing family members killed.  While safe from violence, they were subjected to in…Read More

BREXIT: Will the Liberal International order of Europe collapse?

BREXIT: Will the Liberal International Order of Europe Collapse?

Since the demise of the Cold War, liberal world order was expected to reign in the world order system. Liberal states had gained superiority over communism and most prevailing theory of back then, realism has got itself engaged in too much violence and security threat. As a result, it was expected that Liberalist principles will…Read More

Hive Mind: discovering natural intelligence

Hive Mind: discovering natural intelligence!

According to the concept of sociology and philosophy hive mind are the collective consciousness and collective intelligence. It is most familiar term in science fiction. Through hive mind, everyone would be connected to everyone else telepathically and we could share our thoughts, memories even dreams. Though a global hive mind would be susceptible to things…Read More

Power Struggle in Arabian Sea: a contemporary analysis

Power Struggle in Arabian Sea: a contemporary analysis

The Arabian Sea, especially Strait of Hormuz, has always been of great importance because of neighboring resource-rich countries. A significant amount of world oil trade passes through this. This part of the Arabian Sea is of prime significance for almost all the regional and global players including India, Pakistan, China, and the US.   read…Read More

Films to help you understand complexity of International Relations: Part 1

Films to help you understand complexity of International Relations: Part 1

In 2009, in the online edition of Slate‘s sister publication Foreign Policy, two of its regular bloggers, namely Stephen M. Walt and Daniel W. Drezner, drew up lists of what they regarded as the best movies ever made about international relations. Walt was inspired to compile the list after a friend told him about a…Read More