Twice a Victim: Climate Change Hit Bangladesh with a Disaster and a Pandemic?

Twice a Victim: How Climate Change Hit Bangladesh with a Disaster and a Pandemic?

Abstract Change in the regional or global climatic pattern, often known as climate change is an undeniable problem of modern time. The degree of the problem intensifies according to the geographic and socio-economic conditions of respective regions. Vulnerable areas undergo destruction of both the natural as well as societal settings. This year, the ever-existing problem…Read More

Transboundary Pollution from China and Its Impact on South Korea

Transboundary Pollution from China and Its Impact on South Korea: A Road to Health and Environmental Degradation

Abstract: South Korea is confronted with occasional natural debacles as pollution blowing from China. During winter, the source is generally unreasonable burning of coal utilized in China for heating purposes. In the spring, yellow residue from the deserts of northern China and Mongolia are blown across Northeast Asia, carrying soot and cancer-causing agents from China-based…Read More

Biomedical waste amid COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Biomedical Waste amid COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Abstract Biomedical waste has become an emerging problem in Bangladesh amid COVID-19. A huge amount of wastes are produced in a hospital setting and also from households which is hazardous in most cases. PRISM is an organization that regulates the biomedical waste disposal from hospitals by incineration and color-coded separation techniques and separate disposal of…Read More

climate justice

The Ethical Dimension of Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change or Sprinkling Some Fairness on a Pie of Injustice

The year 2019 has so far seen some of the largest climate protests ever in response to increasingly severe and unpredictable weather patterns. While there is a strong scientific consensus that climate change is real and man-made and the public demands that governments do more to curb greenhouse gas emissions, there are still some that…Read More

climate justice

Addressing Climate Justice for Women in Global South

For more than two decades, equity has been a central concern for international and national climate policy. Climate change poses the greatest threat to those that are the least responsible – generally people that are already vulnerable to deep-rooted challenges such as poverty. Conversely, those who have contributed the most to climate change have a…Read More

Energy Trilemm: a critical analysis

Energy Trilemma: A Critical Analysis

For a moment, imagine yourself without electricity: you can’t cook, you don’t have Internet, you can’t do the all-nighter you need to study for your exams, nor bathe in hot water or wash the clothes in the machine… Our life has changed since mass access to energy (electricity, oil,…) and we are no longer able…Read More

Effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh

Effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh is NOW!

The record-breaking low temperature the region was experiencing when I started to write the article. Bangladesh experienced its lowest temperature ever. The northern part of the country recorded on average 2.6°C and the southern part of the country is 10°-12°C. Not only that, last decade, Bangladesh has experienced an extreme change in climates such as…Read More

The Consequences and Initiatives taken Regarding Climate Change in Bangladesh

Climate Change is happening NOW: The Consequences and Initiatives taken Regarding Climate Change in Bangladesh

In some places, the impact of climate change is already observable. In others, scientists predict the occurrence of climate change based on intricate mathematical and computer models. But in Bangladesh, it is already happening NOW, at a scale that involves unmatched natural and human tragedy. The long history of natural calamities of Bangladesh that used to…Read More

Climate Change Impact to Our Health

Climate change is one of the central challenges of our era and increasingly acknowledged as a public health urgency. There is some prominent evidence that proves global climate change will have aggressive effects on human health, especially among the deprived communities of developing countries like Bangladesh. Being one of the hotspots for climate change, Bangladesh…Read More