Osama Bin Noor: the change maker

Sharif Mustajib

When youth are seemed vulnerable to the society, a young Bangladeshi Osama Bin Noor has changed the taboo and proved himself as a global change maker. He is going to take Queen Elizabeth Award 2016 and selected for the Queen’s young leaders award 2016. He the founder of “young Opportunities” which is a online platform informs young’s about various global opportunities like scholarship, internship, volunteerism etc.

Yours every unique skills, potentially & expertise will be nothing if you can’t express at the perfect place at the perfect moment!”

-His change making policy advice to the youth. His early childhood was way of thorn. He was a journalist of local news portal. He used to see various problems of the society. He was looking for change making from his own situation, his own way. But he was optimistic and didn’t give up endeavor.  As he says,

“No challenge is bigger than us!”


Gradually, he faced the challenge and took change making initiative. He established “youth Opportunities”,Became co-ordinator of “Volunteer for Bangladesh” (Jaago foundation), co-host of first ever teenage radio show “Teen Tekka”,  Regional ambassador of TUNZA Eco Generation; an Environmental Networking Platform by UNEP & SAMSUNG Engineering, Founding Board Member of BYLC Graduate Network (Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center), assistant program coordinator of Panther Social; an organization generates youth entrepreneurs,  trainer at 350.org;  a global movement for climate change and general member of 1degree initiative. He was reported one of the 30 young social entrepreneurs on Forbes Magazine!

On the long way to change, he believes both idea and change is interlinked spontaneously, even very simple idea should be awarded. As he says,

“If someone comes to you with an idea it’s like he is giving you a fragile glass made by himself. If the glass does not match your preference do not throw it away. Give him back otherwise it may hurt the person who made it.” 

Dears! When one part of the world is hazardous with problems, another part of the coin is changing by youth like Osama bin Noor. Noting else but ‘change’ can cure the scenario. We can remember Winston Churchill’s quote

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

So, let’s start!


Sharif Mustajib

CEO, International Affairs


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