Critical Analysis of Geopolitical Catastrophes: Realistic View of Contemporary Global Hegemony

Shaukat Afsar 

 Geopolitics is an amazing subject for study. It helps us to analyze critically real situations. Robert D Kaplan in his famous book The “Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us” said, “As Napoleon said, to know a nation’s geography is to know its foreign policy”. Indeed!  As we come to understand global politics from a very realist approach it’s almost a known fact that we won’t have any alternative without taking a side, criticizing the rests, and making a sweeping conclusion.


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In post World War II era it’s hardly impossible for anyone to demonize US power and influence. Whoever is at the forefront of popularity will have to acknowledge that surely the US has got better leverage than almost all other global hegemony combined. Iraq war is a very pretty good example of this discussion. Disregarding all sorts of world leaders request Bush administration started a huge costly war in 2003 and started a massive armed crackdown on Iraqi civilians. Everybody got the Saddam regime to be quite oppressive but what about ISIS which is an ultimate consequence of such bad foreign policy decision-making option? Quite literally, the situation has been worse. Now there are brutal extremists in and across the parts of Europe and North America. They are being bombarded with these same queries on a daily basis. They have been under tremendous global pressure from anti-capitalist and independent leftist critics in their homes. Again and again, bombings, shootings and a massive crackdown on civilians have made peoples’ lives more vulnerable to mistrust towards their leadership. The predictions have been proved totally false. Now billions of pacifists, non-violent Muslims are getting harassed due to less than 50-60 thousand terrorists who claim to be the right followers of the Islamic faith and own the whole authority.

It’s quite ridiculous that western mainstream media have been too much fear-mongering and hateful towards Muslims in general. Hundreds of Muslim scholars, professionals serving the US people have not been able to clarify all the misunderstandings against them being rumored in the air. These minority peoples are feeling quite marginalized and it’s happening as the ultimate consequence of massive outrageous reactions. In US domestic politics Islamophobes are getting more popular than ever before. These sorts of unwelcome issues are only rising due to the imbalanced participation of neutral belligerents in both sides to condemn the right-wing hate crimes and hate speeches which never justify ruthless attacks on any specific community.

In fact, we have come to understand that it was the premier foreign policy decision making the process of the USA which has totally blundered all those peaceful interactions, now it’s high time for us not to take any more such crucial decisions supposed to be resulting into failure like that is going on in Syria, Ukraine and other volatile parts of the globe. Interference by all Russia, US, Iran, China all the rest regional and global hegemony. For the sake of humanity, we should be raising voices against transgressors of both sides.

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Shaukat Afsar

Student, International Relations

University of Chittagong.

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