Why UK should leave EU: Brexit argument

Sharif Mustajib 

After a long negotiation and debate, on 23th June there will be a referendum on Britain’s departure question from European Union (EU). There is no doubt, even few days ago, EU was considered as a successful supranational authority all over the world. European countries were marching under EU with an outstanding idea. But why political parties found to raise agenda of departing EU! Should UK leave EU??  Brexit, the opposition group of UK’s remaining in EU made the argument.

EU was quite successful to integrate European countries since post World War II, It commenced some exclusive ideas of political integration, economic integration.

There are 28 countries like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Obviously it was doing well. But problem arose when some new born eastern countries included which was Ex-Soviet province and very vulnerable conditioned.eu

Recently, UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) has come to the power with the manifesto to give referendum whether remaining or separating EU. The party won 25 seats in parliament.

Brexit, the mainstream community claiming to leave EU raises some question that UK has to pay more than benefit. Their key point is EU’s migrant policy, annual fees, security issue, political dependence etc.

Leaving the EU is a matter of cost saving. Opposition of remaining EU claims UK pays 350 $ per week. On the other hand, output is insufficient. Last year UK paid 13 billion $ and received 4.3 billion $. Leading Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson proposed to adopt Canadian style trade system. They claim that a large number of small and medium don’t trade with EU but are bound to the rules of it. Besides, they claim that Shenzhen visa system importing low costly labor which results unemployment of native worker. They add Greek tragedy on the support. As it’s claimed that Greek won’t have to suffer if it assumes its own currency.

The second issue they claim is immigrant issue. Under EU law, UK can’t prevent anyone coming from European country. In present time, UK holds about 30 million immigrants. Lion’s share of them from Europe, they fears that it could increase rapidly as Turkey joins EU. It is estimated that it Britain’s population will reach 70 million near 2024, they claims.

The final point is political dependence. Their argument is that there is lack of overt accountability in political decision. When European commission declared to form European Army, it got attention apparently. Brexit took the chance. ipmorting EU’s name to Britain’s passport is also a very disappointment for Brexit.

Another invisible but important point is political interest. The conservative politician sees that some are growing in European politics though they are quite unpopular in local politics. So, it annoys them.

The latest news is EU has offered “special membership” for Britain! US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and French minister Emmanuel Macron has already advised Britain not to leave EU. Because, both EU and UK made such relation that it will be a complete trouble to leave one another. What will be the 53 treaties of UK what made through EU? What will be the export of UK to Europe which is more than 50% of UK’s export??

To have the answer we have to wait for 23 June!!

Sharif Mustajib

Student, International Relations

University of Chittagong.


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