Bangladeshi Pride Sadat Rahman: 17th International Children’s Peace Prize Winner

Sadat is a 17 years old youngster, groundbreaker, and social pioneer from Bangladesh who is having a major effect. Recently he has won the 2020 International Children’s peace prize for his contribution in setting up his social association and mobile application ‘Cyber Teens’ to quit cyberbullying, organized by KidsRights.The award is presented every year to a youngster associated with the advancement of kids’ privileges and securing endangered kids. The expert advisory group has chosen Sadat as the winner from 142 candidates from 42 nations. The prize was handed over online by Malala Yousafzai, achiever of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. In spite of the fact that this was the sixteenth time the prize has been granted, Sadat is the seventeenth winner since a year ago’s prize went to two youngsters: Greta Thunberg and Divina Malorum.

Sadat beat two different finalists – 12-year old Ivanna Ortega Serret from Mexico, who battled water contamination, and 18-year-old Siena Castellon from Ireland, who made a site to assist understudies with the mental imbalance and serious learning inabilities.


Cyber bullying app ‘CYBER TEENS’

An incident about a 15-year-old teen who ended it all in the wake of experiencing cyberbullying moved Sadat so much, that he established his own association and made the counter cyberbullying application ‘Cyber Teens’ to give youngsters at risk and defenseless a spot to go for help. One of the significant issues around cyberbullying is that youngsters are hesitant to report it to the police or to illuminate their folks. The application gives youngsters data about web security and gives them the likelihood to report cyberbullying privately. Digital experts, social specialists, and the police are united through his association. The application has just upheld more than 300 casualties of cyberbullying, including by announcing counterfeit web-based media accounts and offering help for psychological well-being issues. The application has prompted the capture of eight culprits of cybercrimes up until now. Sadat has likewise reached more than 45,000 youngsters with web security workshops in schools and universities. He has made”Cyber Clubs” in each school in his neighborhood. In these clubs, youngsters are instructed on computerized proficiency information. He presently desires to spread the application past his local area and help victims of cyberbullying across Bangladesh.

Sadat dreams to see a world where youngsters have a sense of security online.“I live in a remote area,” says Sadat, “and I am a very ordinary boy. If I can save teenagers from cyberbullying, why can’t others?”

“I strongly believe awareness, empathy, counseling, and action are the four drivers of force to combat cyberbullying,”

Sadat added. “The fight against cyberbullying is like a war, and in this war, I’m a warrior. If everybody keeps supporting me, then together, we will win this battle against cyberbullying.”

Malala addressed him as “an inspiration”. “He’s calling on young people all over the world to stop cyberbullying and help peers in their community who suffer from mental and emotional violence. Sadat is a true changemaker,” she said in an online speech.

Sadat also arranged various programs for the Rohingya refugees in 2017. In that journey, he found the strength of youth contributing together. Sadat’s hometown is Narail.



Samia Ehsan

Department of Anthropology

University of Dhaka
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