Statelessness From the View of Hannah Arendt to Present International Law

Abstract UNHCR estimates that there are approximately over 12 million stateless persons in the world. Due to gaps in data collection by governments, the UN, and civil society, a full breakdown of this figure is beyond reach. The stateless are, in effect, the rightless because the loss of citizenship in the nation-state dynamic also means…Read More

Bangladesh: Environmental induced migration and its effects

Introduction                                      Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries due to climate change. Natural disasters hit Bangladesh almost every year and cause much destruction to the lives and livelihoods of people, especially in the coastal areas, and render huge damages to the national economy. It has long been recognized that the environmental factors have an…Read More

EU migration policy and Visegard 4 countries

On the 11th of April 2017, Professor Michela Ceccorulli of the University of Bologna delivered an important speech on the issue of migration, European Union Asylum and migration policies and the Visegrad states reaction. The heavy burden of the refugee crisis carries two South East European countries Italy and Greece, which attract high flows of…Read More