Climate Action: Let’s make a Seed Bank

Climate change is one of the major threats for our existence. Water level is raising, air is being pollutes with various toxic components like carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide, led, cadmium etc. It’s very easy to find the fact that the main reason behind the problem is deforestation. Some young people of Bangladesh has inaugurated an excellent idea named ” Let’s make a Seed Bank”. It’s very effective and innovative idea that could be implemented very easily.

They collect the seed which we seem as waste. Specially when we eat fruits we don’t ever think to sow the seeds. They just captured the idea. They started to make a campaign people of those seeds.

Climate Action Idea: Seed Bank
Seed Bank Campaign

Coordinator  of the campaign Sharif Mustajib says, “It’s very simple to pay for environment such ways. Bangladesh’s land is very fertile yet. If we practice this idea we can easily boot up tree plantation program in effective way. ”

They are growing awareness very positively and getting high responses. A school student express in his comment that “I never think that I can contribute to nature also! It’s very easy and effective”. You can join with them in social media. Seed Bank

Meanwhile, they have made a short documentary to visualize their campaign. The name of the Short film is ” Let’s Make a Seed Bank” .

Diractor: Sharif Mustajib

Acrtors: Shariar Rafi, Masum Chowdhury, Sah Miraj Talukdar and Misbaul Hoque.


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