War : Behind the scene !

writter- Anik Barua,
student, International Relations, University of Chittagong

War really means you need a huge stockpile of weapons to survive or your defeat is inevitable.
Many wars have taken place since the very beginning of the civilization . Nations indulge in war either to show supremacy or to ensure their existence.

However there is a hidden truth behind many modern day wars . Arm’s manufacturing and also arm’s trading countries are patronizing wars in different parts of the world specially in the Southwest Asian region . As a consequence of these wars many nations are on the verge of extinction and many more “war made” terrorist groups are emerging. Wars and revolt are on the rise worldwide and so is the arm’s business!
But at the end of the day who is the ultimate winner ??
Those war torn countries with broken economies??? Or those arm’s trading countries who patronize wars???
Well, the answer is right in front of us . Today those arm’s trading countries are dominating the world economy.

This whole fact has been an “open secret” for years. But who knows why it is one of the less talked issues in today’s world !

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