MOSSAD: the ultimate killing machine!

The Hebrew term “MOSSAD” means –institute, is one of the most mainstream agent of Israel. Basically, it works with “Aman”, another agent Israeli agent. It works globally for Israel in dark. No one knows exactly how it works, how many agents is has. It’s very notorious for its own killing mission, espionage, cyber attack etc.

How it works??

It work very multiple way. Abduction, assassination, espionage, killing mission, cyber attack are very finger’s nail to them! It has 8 unites. One of them is collection unite; it collects data of important states man, politicians, diplomats et al. the field level officer of MOSSAD is called Catsus, the work in very disguised way! Another important unities political communication unites which works to communicate politicians. Specially to observe political scenario and to make conspiracy!

The most successful and important unite is research unite whose task is to invent updated technology. It conducts cyber network, ensures cyber security.

There are some other unites also. Like naval unite, air intelligence, border intelligence etc.

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