Problems of the Primary Education System in Bangladesh

Education is the backbone of a nation. If the backbone is strong one can stand strong. Similarly, education builds a country stronger and prosperous. It is now applicable for the modern world that the country with most knowledge and data is stronger than any civil army. Thus education plays an important role in this modern and competitive world. Books not only teach us about History, Science and Mathematics. It teaches us morality, humanity and responsibilities not only to us but to our family, society and most importantly our country. But a developing country like Bangladesh doesn’t only have other major and critical issues but providing good education to everyone, though it is a big challenge for us. There are some major faults in the present education system. Moreover, there are particular social problems also what endanger educations system. Here I will try to find out my experience and observance over education system of Bangladesh.

First of all, shortage of teacher especially quality teacher. There are not enough teachers for student. There aren’t enough room or space for students for ensure a healthy environment. The amount of books that are given to the students are expected to be memorized page by page. Because of that the children don’t read it to understand but to memorizes unwillingly line by line. He or she is failed to understand the plot, subject, matter and its effects. As a result huge number of problems appears in practical field especially in Science and Mathematics. It also creates problem in future for career and university exams. Teachers of almost 80 % schools in our country are failed to explain the logical facts especially in case of Science and Practical computer due to lack of science lab and computer lab. Not only most of the schools in rural area but also in towns and cities do not have enough libraries for students and people of all ages. Thus, students waste their valuable time wandering around. In practical field such as using a computer there is book provided from class 6 onward and students reads and memorizes it well but when they are asked for practical tasks most of them are failed. Many students are even scared of using electrical devices thinking if they damages it. They are unskilled to take chances. Due to lack of confidence students are afraid to talk about their problem to teachers and parents. Consequently, they sometimes miss the simplest and crucial data and have complication in upper class. If a student is a tree and the root of the tree is weak it can’t have enough nutrition it causes malfunctioning in the whole body.

The quantity of provided books for primary schools are more than necessary. For class 1 and 2 NCTB (National Curriculum and Text Book Board) provides three general subjects. The worse scenario in  Kindergarten schools is that it include extra books and syllabus. From class 3 to 5 extra three and a total of 6 books are provided. After the primary at class 6 the quantity rises to 14 having a subject amount of 13. Then at class 9 the quantity again increases to 15. It only brings more pressure to the students. For extra marks in every exam and good preparation parents sent their student to coaching, tutors and private. At present the priorities of these coaching centers and tutors are more than school. To a parent you can miss school but you can’t miss coaching or private. This is the present mentality of almost every parent only few to spare. The loads and pressure of these institution fall upon heavily on a student’s back causing harm not only mentally but also physically as they can’t bear the heavy school bag load on their back. According to health research this is harmful for a child. Also for this moderate pressure a child can’t even spare enough time for his basic needs. These unfeasible pressures also cause cerebral damage to their brains.

Problems of primary education system in Bangladesh


Almost in every household a child is expected to do well and for their future and secure a big career with a big amount of salary and luxury living burying their own choices and opinions. This high hopes and expectations only fall upon a child like a heavy weight. In face of the pressure many decide to stop learning even take untimely death. At many households children are abused both verbally and physically causing a mental effect on them. Although every parents want their child to be successful and have a better life but they don’t understand the pressure they are casting on their child can damage their life. Most of the times they take decision thinking of only what the society will think. A Student should be given freedom to decide his/her own choice and career  because it is up to him/her to fulfill it. One can’t just pressurize other person do to whatever they want him/her to do. For all these reasons a child feels like that he/she is studying to save himself/herself from all the crisis that can happen in his life when a student’s motto should be learning and gaining knowledge.

Since childhood everyone tells a child that you must be like him/her or you have to be like him/her. When the child fails they through an example of others and discourages him/her. Surely we must have an idol to follow but that doesn’t mean we have to be exactly like him or her because everyone is an individual and extraordinary person himself/herself. Everyone may has various and different opinions on everything. For a surgeon a heart is only an organ that helps our blood to flow. On the other side in case of a poet and a writer a heart is a part of human body where they can feel their emotions. They have various opinions and outlook on the same object but both of them can agree that it is one of the most important parts of our body. Both of their work is important for the society and their country.

Every child deserves a childhood like no other, a student life where they are not bound to study but study by themselves. A heavy weight of hopes, expectation and responsibilities must not snatch away their golden childhood when they prepare for the future. We must not be bound with options. If today’s generations are not nurtured well the future of a country and the people will be at risk.


Maisha Sultana Ema Khan

she is an award-winning writer, youth activist


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