Climate Justice: From the Perspectives of Diplomacy, Science & Law

On the Urge for High Ambition to Achieve Climate Justice: From the Perspectives of Diplomacy, Science & Law

Climate justice is an ethical and political argument. It forces us to understand the challenges faced by the people and communities who are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This is an injustice when the people who have contributed least to the roots of climate change suffer most. It can only be…Read More

Women vulnerabilities to climate change

Women vulnerabilities to climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest ecological and environmental challenges of our time. It is also an unquestionable encounter to human rights, security, and economic development. The impacts of climate change – floods, drought, extreme weather, increasing diseases and growing food and water insecurity – disproportionately affect the world’s 1.3 billion poor, the majority…Read More

On Climate Change; Philippines Legazpi City Revs Up Climate Action

It is said that the root cause of climate change is a multitude of uncontrolled anthropogenic activities, the progressive advancements on technology and the series of changes dated back a century ago. Many cities had claimed to be progressed in terms of ecological and social balance. On a more critical note, due to these developments,…Read More

Building a healthy community by increasing access to modern energy solutions

Building a healthy community by increasing access to modern energy solutions: Improving household cooking condition

More than 90% of households in Ethiopia still depends on some form of solid biomass, i.e. firewood, agricultural waste, animal dung, etc., to fulfill their cooking energy needs. This is done in the traditional way, mostly on the wasteful and smoky three-stone open fire places, and the negative impact of such practice has dire health…Read More

Climate finance in Bangladesh

Climate finance in Bangladesh: an interface between development co-operation and climate finance

Climate change is accepted as a major issue for Bangladesh due to its extreme environmental vulnerability to climate hazards irrespective of climate change. In Bangladesh, a deep interface between development cooperation and climate finance prevails. Climate finance refers to local, national or transnational financing, which may be drawn from public, private and alternative sources of…Read More

invest on climate

A ‘penny’ to invest on climate

Strategizing for climate finance is a huge milestone to inhibit disproportionate effects of climate change on developing countries. Our commitment to low carbon path to global carbon cut starts today. It is precise that investments hold a major portion of a single, compact business to revitalize its system. Undeniably, when it comes to investments for…Read More

Saline Water Intrusion in Coastal Part of Bangladesh

Saline water intrusion in coastal part of Bangladesh: A disaster and its probable recoveries

Saline water intrusion is the movement of seawater into fresh water aquifers or surface reservoir due to natural processes or human activities. As Bangladesh belongs to one of the seaside countries, the adverse impact of saltwater intrusion is significant here. The coastal areas of Bangladesh, with near flat topography and location at the tip of…Read More

Sustainable Energy Production in Bangladesh

The Road to Sustainable Energy Production in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia is one of the potential countries with its geographical location and natural heritage but at stake due to climate impact. As a developing country with an amount of population, its demand for energy is growing fast. Besides, it’s one of the worst vulnerable countries already experiencing climate…Read More

Climate vulnerability of South Asia

South Asia: how to combat climate vulnerability in a sustainable way

Sharif Mustajib Abstract: the world is facing an ever destining threat in the history. The prolonged global warming has changed topical characteristics of the climate. In these circumstances, South Asian region is projected to one of the worst sufferers of climate change. The characteristics of South Asian climate are as diverse as its landscape. The…Read More