PH’s solar chainstop in Asia

PH’s solar chainstop in Asia

The Philippines, leads the solar energy revolution in Asia, according to a Dutch consultancy firm, Solarplaza. The country topped the list in terms of the use of solar photovoltaic systems for electricity generation.Rotterdam-based Solarplaza conducted the study among developing countries in Asia. “The country is still relatively young when it comes to solar development, but…Read More

Energy Trilemm: a critical analysis

Energy Trilemma: A Critical Analysis

For a moment, imagine yourself without electricity: you can’t cook, you don’t have Internet, you can’t do the all-nighter you need to study for your exams, nor bathe in hot water or wash the clothes in the machine… Our life has changed since mass access to energy (electricity, oil,…) and we are no longer able…Read More

Effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh

Effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh is NOW!

The record-breaking low temperature the region was experiencing when I started to write the article. Bangladesh experienced its lowest temperature ever. The northern part of the country recorded on average 2.6°C and the southern part of the country is 10°-12°C. Not only that, last decade, Bangladesh has experienced an extreme change in climates such as…Read More

The Consequences and Initiatives taken Regarding Climate Change in Bangladesh

Climate Change is happening NOW: The Consequences and Initiatives taken Regarding Climate Change in Bangladesh

In some places, the impact of climate change is already observable. In others, scientists predict the occurrence of climate change based on intricate mathematical and computer models. But in Bangladesh, it is already happening NOW, at a scale that involves unmatched natural and human tragedy. The long history of natural calamities of Bangladesh that used to…Read More

Environment and Gender

Environment and Gender: What has changed since 1995?

Following the claims of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Earth is the fundamental resource on which people rely for their prosperity and one´s well-being.  Although often ignored and downplayed, in many cases gender norms affect the impact of people on the environment, the effect of environmental degradation on people, and finally, access…Read More

Shaping Global Awareness for Sustainable Food Systems

Food Waste in Numbers: Shaping Global Awareness for Sustainable Food Systems

Food is among the basic need according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in 2015 launched the Global Challenge on Food Security and Agriculture. The forum attended by 1400 leaders in over 500 organizations in 19 countries. This is in support of The Sustainable Development Goals call for Ending…Read More

Indigenous people’s right in 21st century: Context of Chakma People of Bangladesh

Loss and Damage in the Context of Bangladesh: Inadequacy of Adaptation due to Increasing Climate Risk & A Range of Approaches to Address Loss and Damage

‘Loss and Damage’ has become a fundamental issue for Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and gained recognition as the third pillar of international climate policy, after mitigation and adaptation. ‘Loss and damage’ refers to negative phenomena of climate unpredictability and climate change that people have not been able to…Read More

Bangladesh: Environmental induced migration and its effects

Bangladesh: Environmental induced migration and its effects

Introduction                                      Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries due to climate change. Natural disasters hit Bangladesh almost every year and cause much destruction to the lives and livelihoods of people, especially in the coastal areas, and render huge damages to the national economy. It has long been recognized that the environmental factors have an…Read More

Climate Change Impact to Our Health

Climate change is one of the central challenges of our era and increasingly acknowledged as a public health urgency. There is some prominent evidence that proves global climate change will have aggressive effects on human health, especially among the deprived communities of developing countries like Bangladesh. Being one of the hotspots for climate change, Bangladesh…Read More

Energy Trilemm: a critical analysis

Conflict of Interests: How the Fossil Fuel Industry & Corporate Lobbyists Delay Climate Action

There is presently a crazed argument ongoing about the necessity to prevent Business and industry non-governmental organizations (BINGOs) representing Big Oil from disproportionately & wrongly manipulating, slowing and watering down climate policy and climate negotiations. OPEC countries and the fossil fuel corporates they often represent make gigantic returns from oil revenue and they employ enough…Read More