The World We Live In: A Contemporary Analysis

Today our future seems pretty gloomy due to some very crucial changes in current global politics. People are deeply concerned regarding their life styles, opinions and practices on a wide variety of issues. Indeed we are bombarded with these quite genuine questions. What sort of world order do we expect?

Well. If we put on realist spectacles in our eyes we watch that same conventional political rhetoric’s of division, the politics of US versus them. Most of the states today are supposed to be quite comfortable with liberal democratic world regimes mostly led and instructed by global hegemony like USA. If it is really a uni-polar world then we are really grappled with some basic problems. Due to democratic order we find its regimes change almost after 4 years, unfortunately they have bigger look on national interest, that’s why USA people always give second time opportunity to the same president.

Our ruling Prime minister frequently points her fingers towards Malaysia, how Mahathir Muhammad changed its total face within 22 years of democratic rule. Indeed a developing third world nation does not have that ability to show fingers towards big regional and global hegemony. What can they do if they have a bigger voice in international platforms?

We may discuss further on this sophisticated political changes in another article. Indeed to be honest we have not been able to assume the kind of consequences we are going to confront in the very upcoming moments. Simply speaking If Donald trump becomes president of the USA and continues to implement what he is saying right now it will be very much frustrating for every one of us. We may not be able to count the cost of terrible retributions and experiences that the world was shocked by previous republican war mongering, hateful, prejudiced, stereotyped presidents like Ronald Regan, George W. Bush senior and junior and the list continues on and on. There are many relevant reasons behind consistent hate crimes against USA, especially from the people of Muslim beliefs. The author himself being a culturally born Muslim finds it quite awful that people like him are getting murdered in distant concerns of the world. It actually never justifies hatred towards US peoples or nations; it may simply be indicated towards bad foreign policy decision making process of those US presidents who bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on. The common people not having International affairs’ complex understanding just conflate the meanings of almost all sorts of things related with USA. All the terrorists’ organizations who are supposed to be recruiting Muslim youths are mostly denounced by mainstream religious scholarship. From West to East, North to South there we find wide range of liberal Muslim youths’ organizations that are quite vocal against ISIS or such other groups. We know quite well how these youngsters are being brainwashed and used as suicide bombers and actors of so many others works of crimes against humanity.

So to be honestly speaking the author consider there are actually both sorts of theocratic, anti- modern, anti-pluralistic brands of peoples who are either Christians or Muslims living both in west as well as east. In a unipolar moment of the US Empire we get thousands of critics of, but we should recall the brutal suppressive Soviet empire as well. Its need all about reclamation of one’s ideological territory, someone does it through socialism, someone through capitalism and someone through religion in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, Burma, Sri Lanka and so on. The question is whether one is tolerant towards status quo power or not. Whoever will lead the world behave in the same manner, that’s what the author finds as the crucial point regarding the world in which he lives!



Shaukat Afsar

student, International Relations

University of Chittagong.
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