Is the world heading towards a World War III?

Johan Gatlung’s Peace and Violence Concept context of Liberian Civil War

Human beings live in a society that has developed certain norms and standards on the basis of consensus of community. These standards are based on values and cultural sensitivity of community that have been in vogue for years. Ordinary members of society abide by normal standards of society. Sometimes social structure is not impervious to…Read More

Nuclear-free world: enhanced security or total chaos?

Nuclear-free World: Enhanced Security or Total Chaos?

This year Nobel Prize for Peace has been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) that promotes the conclusion of an international treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. Although there is no doubt that the consequences of nuclear weapons use would be devastating and their proliferation and seizure by terrorists present the biggest threats…Read More

Peacekeeping mission in the East of Ukraine

Peacekeeping Mission in the East of Ukraine: What Options are on the Table?

The conflict in Donbas has been tearing Ukraine for more than three years. It has devastating consequences not only for the country’s integrity but also for European security and Russia’s relations with its Western partners. Despite the efforts of Normandy Fourto put an end to violence, hostilities continue. The Minsk II agreement on the ceasefire…Read More