2017 will be the year of new world (dis)order!


The New Year 2017 is arriving when the international politics is on the verge of changing wind. The recent US election, Brexit referendum, rise of rightist wings is the sign of changing pattern of international politics. Looking back there are two significant changes happened in modern world political history. First one is the post World War and second one is post Soviet world. The changes were so visible that people can assume the things but in 2017 change would not be such visible though there are going to be a significant change.

world in 2017

Discussing the issue the US election should come first. The president elect Donald Trump is the main actor of change. Whether it is positive or negative he is going to start new politics. We know the republican politics in US history but the exception in Donald Trump is that he is more cautious to allies than enemies. May be it is show of for his anti-globalization thinking. Thus the Baltic allies of NATO member countries are feeling troublesome. The eastern European countries are again thinking of Soviet era. Is the power switch shifting to Russia? To answer this we have to wait because Russian economy is yet not so strong to defeat US. We know that Donald Trump is a businessman. If he plays well in global economy chess board US has no fear to lose power switch.

Another issue is China and Asia. It seems that 2017 will be more hot talked for Asia. Donald Trump cabinet would be nearer to Pakistan than India. As we have Trump’s phone call to Newaz. So the regional politics of India, Pakistan and China will be changed. May be India have to reschedule her foreign policy. China is also frustrated with Trum as his phone call to Taiwan.  But more serious matter to her is the probability of nuclear proliferation on this area. So china has to maintain co operation with her neighbors to secure status quo.

The change the year 2017 will bring mainly is US-China relation. Trump has to check Chinese rapid business expertise to secure US dominance in world politics. Let’s see what will happen!


Sharif Mustajib

International Relations,

University of Chittagong

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